Test 3A
  1. She bought a frame and all the ______s she needed, and built her bike herself.  a) document  b) outcome  c) specify  d) component  e) scheme
  2. There have been no actual, ______ed "flying saucer" sightings. a) sequence  b) justify  c) considerable  d) document  e) valid
  3. Juliet's father would not give his ______ for her to marry Romeo. a) justify  b) consent  c) sufficient  d) valid  e) outcome
  4. The size of our football field was _____ed by the size of Louie's yard.  a) contribute  b) convene  c) coordinate  d) sufficient  e) constrain
  5. We haven't had a ______ amount of rain lately; it's been pretty dry.  a) justify  b) considerable  c) valid  d) constrain  e) document
  6. He didn't actually say it, but he ______ed very strongly.  a) contribute  b) dominate  c) justify  d) imply  e) valid
  7. Please allow me to _________ my point with a few examples.  a) contribute  b) coordinate  c) consent  d) illustrate  e) sequence
  8. We all anxiously awaited the _____ of the game.  a) illustrate  b) outcome  c) sequence  d) scheme  e) component
  9. Congress ________ed a special session just to deal with what happened on 9/11.  a) contribute  b) considerable  c) outcome  d) dominate  e) convene
  10. Opinions that you can't ________ are basically worthless.  a) valid  b) justify  c) constrain  d) coordinate  e) imply
  11. Many times your future is ______ed by choices you make when you are younger.  a) component  b) document  c) constrain  d) initial  e) convene
  12. The Tigers' ________ing defense kept Lompoc from scoring at all.   a) contribute  b) valid  c) imply  d) dominate  e) correspond
  13. Let's _____ a meeting of all the volunteers.  a) illustrate  b) correspond  c) contribute  d) convene  e) consent
  14. The computer says that I have in________ space to save my file. a) consent  b) valid  c) justify  d) constrain  e) sufficient
  15. I don't like what you're ______ing; I would never cheat.  a) consent  b) imply  c) valid  d) convene  e) contribute
  16. He lost the debate, because most of his arguments were in______ a) justified  b) specified  c) dominated  d) valid  e) illustrated
  17. After she left, she still ______ed with her friends back home.  a) dominate  b) imply  c) correspond  d) consent  e) illustrate
  18. When I first met him, my ______ impression was that he was a bit sloppy.  a) component  b) coordinate  c) valid  d) consent  e) initial
  19. Since you didn't ________ exactly how you wanted your sandwich made, I made it the same as mine.  a) initial  b) specify  c) dominate  d) correspond  e) illustrate
  20. The police said that the driver's use of alcohol _________ed to the crash.  a) illustrate  b) coordinate  c) convene  d) contribute  e) correspond 
  21. Some people say that it is only a ________ that there is life after death, and...  a) cynical  b) naive  c) relish  d) delusion  e) aesthetic
  22. ...that we are being ______ to think that we are anything but worm food...  a) naive  b) delusion  c) blasphemy  d) visage  e) propagate
  23. ...But someone who is deeply religious might say that kind of talk is _______. a) propagate  b) aesthetic  c) aesthetic  d) lineage  e) blasphemy
  24. Spender thought that littering on Mars would be like _________. a) delusion  b) relish  c) propagate  d) blasphemy  e) aesthetic
  25. The rumor seemed to __________ itself all over the school, until everyone had heard it. a) convene  b) propagate  c) lineage  d) caper  e) cynical
  26. naive : savvy :: optimistic : ____  a) naive  b) cynical  c) delusion  d) lineage  e) caper
  27. Apparently, fifth period was under the __________ that it was OK to interrupt the teacher. a) visage  b) lineage  c) blasphemy  d) naive  e) delusion
  28. Spender admired how the Martian culture was able to blend the _______ and the practical sides of life.  a) blasphemy  b) caper  c) aesthetic  d) naive  e) cynical
  29. excited : disappointed :: savvy : _________  a) cynical  b) naive  c) relish  d) delusion  e) aesthetic
  30. face : visage :: fantasy : _______ a) delusion  b) relish  c) propagate  d) blasphemy  e) aesthetic
  31. shelf  a) shelfs  b) shelf's  c) shelve's  d) shelves
  32. mystery  a) mystery's  b) mysteries  c) mysterie's   d) mysterys
  33. foot  a) feet  b) feets  c) foots  d) feet's
  34. Elvis  a) Elvis's  b) Elvises  c) Elvi  d) Elviss
  35. box  a) box's  b) boxes  c) box'es  d) boxs
    Make Possessive!
  36. ...many   a) people's  b) peoples'  c) peoples  d) peoples's    ideas were good...
  37. ...the     a) Smith's  b) Smiths's  c) Smiths'     new car...
  38. a) Jimmies'   b) Jimmy's  c) Jimmys'      lame excuse...
  39. a) Elvis's  b) Elvis'  c) Elvi's    old song...
  40. ...that    a) bears'  b) bears's  c) bear's     furry coat...
    Martian Chronicles...
  41. What is Tomas's proof that he is the one from the Future?  a) His car.  b) The rockets.  c) The fact that he's from Earth.  d) The ruins.  e) The fact that it's the year 2001.
  42. The Martian's answer for that argument is... a) that what Tomas sees aren't ruins at all.  b) that maybe Tomas is seeing the ruins of a future Earth civilization in the far future.  c) that Tomas is dreaming.  d) that what Tomas is seeing are ruins from an ancient Martian civilazation  e) none of the above.
  43. In "The Shore," the second wave of settlers came from all over the world.  a) True  b) False
  44. In "Interim," what similes does Ray Bradbury use to show how it looked like an Earth town had been transplanted to Mars? a) a church and a farm house  b) an earthquake and a tornado   c) California and Oregon  d) a rocket and fireworks  e) poets and writers
  45. "The Musicians" was foreshadowed by what previous story? a) "Ylla"  b) "The Earth Men"   c) "The Third Expedition"  d) "-and the Moon Be Still as Bright"  e) "The Settlers"