Test 4A -- If you're exempt from the AWs, skip the first 15.
  1. The rubric gives the _________ for grading your projects.  a) tradition  b) element  c) emphasis  d) criteria  e) concentrate
  2. One of the goals of the US Constitution is to "...________ the general welfare..." of the people.  a) approximate  b) framework  c) institute  d) despite  e) promote
  3. The _____ of your project should be to show your knowledge of the book.  a) criteria  b) framework  c) emphasis  d) adequate  e) dimension
  4. We need to know the __________(s) of your room, so we know how much paint to buy.  a) criteria  b) dimension  c) emphasis  d) emerge  e) tradition
  5. Her cat was her __________ companion; he never left her side.  a) promote  b) constant  c) hence  d) tradition  e) adequate
  6. Many people ____________ money with happiness.  a) emphasis  b) promote  c) attribute  d) dimension  e) equate
  7. When you pronounce this word, make sure to put the _____ on the first syllable.  a) framework  b) emphasis  c) criteria  d) approximate  e) attribute
  8. It hasn't been long enough since the new homework policy was ______(ed) to see if it works yet. a) confer  b) promote  c) emphasis  d) attribute  e) institute
  9. The band went on tour to ____ their new album.  a) emphasis  b) contrast  c) emerge  d) promote  e) equate
  10. Don't work it out exactly, just try to _____ an answer.  a) approximate  b) equate  c) concentrate  d) promote  e) institute
  11. Since the poison was so _____(ed), it only took a tiny bit to kill.  a) equate  b) emphasis  c) attribute  d) promote  e) concentrate
  12. With all the changes in her life, the one ________________ was her friend Sydney, who was always there for her.  a) promote  b) element  c) constant  d) attribute   e) concentrate
  13. Her _______ of life is, "Live, and let live."  a) criteria  b) philosophy  c) attribute  d) tradition  e) promote
  14. He _______(ed) his success to listening to his seventh grade English teacher.  a) promote  b) contrast  c) institute  d) concentrate  e) attribute
  15. If you don't wear _____ clothing, you will get cold.  a) attribute  b) concentrate  c) element  d) adequate  e) constant
  16. All Ponyboy could see were the __________(s) between his life and Cherry's.  a) attribute  b) framework  c) tradition  d) contrast  e) dimension
  17. His lab is on the cutting edge of ___________(ing) technology.  a) emerge  b) hence  c) tradition  d) equate  e) contrast
  18. You will thank me, three years __________. a) promote  b) hence  c) emerge  d) approximate  e) tradition
  19. The airline investigators tried to ____________________ the cause of the crash from the wreckage, but they could never be sure exactly what happened.  a) concentrate  b) approximate  c)  adequate  d) contrast  e) emerge
  20. After Christmas break, this class will feature an increased _______________ on writing.  a) philosophy  b) emphasis  c) element  d) criteria  e) dimension

    Pink Sheet (p55, 56)
  21. ______ never use an apostrophe.  a) possessive nouns  b) possessive pronouns  c) contractions  d) All of the above sometimes use an apostrophe.
  22. ____ never been a problem for a rat to find ____ nest  a) It's/its  b) Its/it's  c) Its/its  d) It's/its
  23. _____ book is this?   a) Whose  b) Who's  c) Who'se 
  24. The maple tree lost __ leaves. a) their  b) they're  c) there  d) it's  e) its
  25. The word there is an example of a possessive pronoun.  a) True  b) False
  26. _____ a shame you can't figure this one out.  a) Its  b) It's
  27. _____(s) always use apostrophes.  a) contractions b) possessive pronouns  c) pronouns  d) nouns
  28. The word _____ can stand alone without a noun.

  29. a) my  b) mine  c) your'n
  30. Over _____ is the place where _____ ancestors first landed.  a) they're/there  b) their/there  c) there/they're  d) there/their  e) they're/their
  31. You're is an example of a possessive pronoun. a) True.  b) False.
    Martian Chronicles -- "The Off Season" Part II
  32. What happens to the Martians in the ship Sam shoots up?  a) They turn into brittle "leaves" and bones.  b) They turn into smoke and flame.  c) They collapse in a heap.  d) They die just like humans.  e) None of the above.
  33. Sam faces consequences for killing some of the Martians.  a) True  b) False
  34. About how many Martians are left?  a) a couple of thousand  b) a handful  c) almost a thousand  d) about a hundred and fifty  e) They don't know.
  35. What message did the Martians finally give to Sam? a) That he owns half of Mars. b) That he should get ready for a surprise. c) That the Martians are leaving. d) All of the above. e) None of the above.
  36. What does Sam think will happen that night?  a) The Earth will explode.  b) That he will get a message from Earth.  c) That thousands of people will be arriving.  d) That People from town will be here soon to help him.  e) None of the above.
  37. Why does Elma keep looking at the sky after the Martians give Sam the message? a) She's watching for the rockets she thinks are coming.  b) She's thinking that her suspicion about war on Earth might be right.  c) She watching for the Martians to leave.  d) She thought she saw a rocket landing.  e) All of the above.
  38. Could Elma really see if the Earth caught fire? a) Yes.   b) No.
  39. When Elma says "Gotta be ready, yes, sir," (p143) she is... a) foreshadowing.  b) referring to the conflict of the story  c) using a metaphor.  d) using a simile  e) being ironic.
  40. Why is the story called "The Off Season"? a) Sam is a little "off."  b) It's not the time of year for hot dogs.  c) The Martians only come around sometimes.  d) The rockets only come from Earth sometimes.  e) None of the above.
  41. 2000 : Hong Kong reverts to China :: ________ : U.S. bolts from England a) 1941  b) 1876  c) 1879  d) 1776  e) 1976