Test 5A
  1. The game was so exciting, she would __________ that memory forever.  a) consult  b) amend  c) sustain  d) retain  e) facilitate
  2. The cheerleaders tried to ____________ a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd.  a) facilitate  b) compound  c) orient  d) enforce  e) generate
  3. Some say low taxes ___________ the growth of businesses. a) consult  b) conflict  c) enforce  d) facilitate  e) amend
  4. There was a _________ in their contract that there could be no brown M&M's in the bowl backstage.  a) revenue  b) amend  c) entity  d) conflict  e) clause
  5. With interest ___________(ing) daily, your money will grow quickly.  a) conflict  b) revenue  c) compound  d) sustain  e) enforce
  6. Get those crazy _________(s) of no homework right out of your head!  a) a) compound  b) notion  c) capacity  d) generate  e) conflict
  7. Many seventh graders are a bit (dis)____________(ed) during the first few days of school.  a) orient  b) facilitate  c) amend  d) enforce  e) enable
  8. Unfortunately, there is not much ___________(ment) of the no gum rule. a) amend  b) sustain  c) consult  d) enforce  e) generate
  9. The concert was filled to ____________; it was SRO. a) transit  b) revenue  c) facilitate  d) enforce  e) capacity
  10.  _________ sentences have two or more main ________(s).

  11. a) compound/clause  b) amended/entity  c) compound/notion  d) logic/clause  e) entity/notion
  12. S. E. Hinton says that she likes to keep the writer part of her a separate ____________ from the mother part of her.  a) capacity  b) entity  c) notion  d) logic  e) clause
  13. His education ___________(ed) him to go far in life.   a) orient  b) amend  c) sustain  d) facilitate  e) enable
  14. The Bill of Rights lists what we now consider our ________________ rights associated with being free. a) logic  b) retain  c) enforce  d) notion  e) fundamental
  15. After the Constitution was written, it was ___________(ed) to add what we call the Bill of Rights.  a) sustain  b) clause  c) compound  d) amend  e) generate
  16. The business spent too much money, and didn't have enough ____________, so it folded.  a) conflict  b) entity  c) logic  d) transit  e) revenue
  17. A law is only effective if it is ____________(ed).  a) entity  b) enforce  c) generate  d) consult  e) amend
  18. A paradox is a ___________(al) contradiction; it can't have a correct answer. a) logic  b) capacity  c) clause  d) facilitate  e) notion
  19. Sue did her homework, and passed the test, _____________ Jimmy skipped his homework and failed.  a) transit  b) facilitate  c) whereas  d) sustain  e) conflict
  20. The lush garden was difficult to ____________ during the long drought, and most of it died.  a) generate  b) orient  c) amend  d) sustain  e) compound
  21. Most of The Martian Chronicles focused on the ______________ of the Martian and Earth cultures.  a) logic  b) capacity  c) conflict  d) enable  e) fundamental
  22. How many "numbers" do pronouns have?

  23. a) 1  b) 2  c) 3  d) 4  e) many
  24. How many "persons" do pronouns have?

  25. a) 1  b) 2  c) 3  d) 4  e) many
  26. How many "genders" do pronouns have?

  27. a) 1  b) 2  c) 3  d) 4  e) many
  28. How many antecedents does a pronoun have?

  29. a) 1  b) 2  c) 3  d) 4  e) many
    Choose the proper pronoun/antecedent combination.
  30. When the Greeks looked up, they told stories about the stars.  a) they/Greeks  b) Greeks/looked  c) stars/stories  d) they/told  e) none of the above
  31. Orion, the great hunter, can be seen in the sky along with his faithful dog.  a) his/dog  b) hunter/Orion  c) his/hunter  d) his/Orion  e) none of the above
  32. Some people can see a queen sitting on a throne when they look at a group of stars called Cassiopeia.  a) some/they  b) people/see  c) they/look  d) they/people  e) none of the above
  33. Jimmy likes flying across the sky in his lovely rocket.  a) Jimmy/likes  b) his/Jimmy  c) flying/sky  d) Jimmy/flying  e) none of the above
  34. Underline the pronoun once and its antecedent twice.  a) underline/pronoun  b) pronoun/antecedent  c) its/antecedent  d) its/pronoun  e) none of the above
  35. Choose the appropriate description of the pronoun it. a) plural/1st person/masculine  b) singular/1st person/neuter  c) plural/3rd person/neuter  d) singular/3rd person/masculine  e) singular/3rd person/neuter
  36. Choose the appropriate description of the pronoun her. a) plural/1st person/feminine  b) singular/1st person/feminine  c) plural/3rd person/neuter  d) singular/3rd person/feminine  e) singular/3rd person/neuter
  37. Everybody brought ____________ lunch with a sandwich.  a) his or her  b) their
  38. Few in the group could could say ___ sandwich was better than mine.   a) his or her  b) their
  39. No one soaked _________ clothes in the lake.   a) his or her  b) their
  40. Neither of the teachers could deal with _______ class. a) his or her  b) their
  41. To focus the microscope, you would always start by turning the course adjustment. a) True  b) False
  42. By just looking at the diagram, how could you quickly tell the high-power objective from the low-power one? a) It's shorter.  b) You can't tell.  c) It's longer.  d) It's a different shape.  e) You can't tell.
  43. If there were too much light to properly see the specimen, what part of the microscope would you adjust? (Choose the best answer.) a) eyepiece  b) coarse adjustment  c) arm  d) diaphragm  e) mirror
  44. If you are using the high-power objective lens, what power of magnification does the example microscope have? a) 410x   b) 50x   c) 100x   d) 40x   e) 400x
  45. The word microscope literally means... a) "larger looker."  b) "compound looker."  c) "magnify looker."  d) "tiny looker."  e) none of the above