Test 8A. 
  1. The poem's language was so ____________ that everyone interpreted it differently. a) accumulate  b) crucial  c) deviate  d) fluctuate  e) ambiguous
  2. The word ____________ literally means "one shape."  a) exploit  b) uniform  c) contemporary  d) bias  e) denote
  3. Many people think that the big farm owners _________ the people who pick their crops.  a) induce  b) accumulate  c) exploit  d) displace  e) denote
  4. The man's blood pressure ____________(ed) wildly right before his heart attack.  a) exploit  b) manipulate  c) clarify  d) fluctuate  e) minimize
  5. Even in ______ slang, the word cool still means good.  a) contemporary  b) arbitrary  c) ambiguous  d) deviate  e) implicit
  6. Our _________ choice for where to stay turned out to be a good one...this time.  a) accumulate  b) arbitrary  c) deviate  d) fluctuate  e) ambiguous
  7. With a little persuasion, I was able to ____________ him to lessen the punishment.  a) accumulate  b) displace  c) induce  d) reinforce  e) fluctuate
  8. Most classroom rules don't have to be written down, they should be known ________(ly).   a) reinforce  b) bias  c) arbitrary  d) implicit  e) crucial
  9. The guest teacher __________(ed) from the lesson plan, and spent the period watching a video.  a) denote  b) exploit  c) manipulate  d) arbitrary  e) deviate
  10. The Titanic ___________(ed) more than 13 million gallons of water, making it the world's largest ship at the time.  a) accumulated  b) displace  c) arbitrary  d) induce  e) fluctuate
  11. His decision wasn't entirely __________; he actually had a reason behind it.  a) clarify  b) contemporary  c) uniform  d) arbitrary  e) bias
  12. In this class, if you do not do your homework, you will ______(ly) fail.

  13. a) exploit  b) arbitrary  c) thereby  d) ambiguous  e) inevitable
  14. The hacker was able to ________ the trust and ignorance people have online, and get a lot of passwords.

  15. a) exploit  b) arbitrary  c) thereby  d) ambiguous  e) inevitable
  16. I asked my friend for an (un)_________(ed) opinion, but it was difficult because she was my friend.  a) exploit  b) arbitrary  c) bias  d) ambiguous  e) inevitable
  17. Many of the buildings downtown are built of (un)________(ed) brick, and could collapse in an earthquake.  a) accumulate  b) reinforce  c) exploit  d) bias  e) uniform
  18. Mr. Coward's answer to my question was ________, so I didn't know what to expect... a) exploit  b) fluctuate  c) thereby  d) ambiguous  e) clarify
  19. ...and so I asked him to please _______.  a) accumulate  b) reinforce  c) exploit  d) displace  e) clarify
  20. With so little time left on the clock, and the score so one-sided, the outcome was _______.  a) ambiguous  b) inevitable  c) uniform  d) fluctuate  e) reinforce
  21. Make sure you mix the paint well, so that the color is ______________ and not splotchy.  a) crucial  b) uniform  c) bias  d) arbitrary  e) contemporary
  22. Even though we have a gentle climate, the temperature can still ____________ by as much as fifty degrees between day and night.  a) denote  b) displace  c) deviate  d) bias  e) fluctuate
    Vocabulary - If exempt, skip 21-31.
  23. The cave was like a labyrinth, full of dead-ends and _____ twists and turns. a) amiss  b) diverge  c) precarious  d) sinuous  e) earnest
  24. The road ___, and then ___, forming an "x." a) diverged, converged  b) converged, diverged
  25. They __________(ed) the neighborhood searching for the lost girl. a) amiss  b) canvass  c) apathetic  d) forlorn  e) proscribe
  26. This assignment is especially important for him, because his grade (59%) is in a _____ position. a) amiss  b) forlorn  c) crestfallen  d) omniscient  e) precarious
  27. He has been ________(ly) trying to improve his grade by turning in every assignment. a) crestfallen  b) diverge  c) apathetic  d) precarious  e) earnest
  28. Many countries ____ television and music. They claim those things are against the laws of Islam. a) proscribe  b) apathetic  c) diverge  d) amiss  e) canvass
  29. One reason that few people vote is because many are ________ about politics and government. a) amiss  b) apathetic  c) omniscient  d) forlorn  e) precarious
  30. Gossip often begins with __________, not evidence. a) proscribe  b) conjecture  c) diverge  d) earnest  e) apathetic
  31. "Tom's cheeks burned. He gathered himself and sneaked off, crushed and ___________. a) conjecture  b) omniscient  c) crestfallen  d) apathetic  e) precarious
  32. "Well, you didn't get a lick _________, I reckon. You been in some other audacious mischief, like as not." a) amiss  b) earnest  c) diverge  d) conjecture  e) forlorn
  33. "Two roads __________(ed) in a yellow wood..." I went left. a) amiss  b) earnest  c) diverge  d) conjecture  e) forlorn
  34. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy was a _____ -person, limited narrator. He can tell us only what he sees and hears. In Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain is a ______-person, _________ narrator, who knows everything about everybody.  a) 1st, 2nd, apathetic  b) 1st, 3rd, apathetic  c) 3rd, 1st, omniscient  d) 1st, 3rd, omniscient  e) 3rd, 1st, crestfallen
    Pink Sheet: Prepositions
  35. Myron mailed the letter to his grandma at the post office.  a) the(2), to, at  b) the(2), at  c) to  d) at  e) to, at
  36. Danny told us about the great vacation he had at lunch.  a) about  b) about, at  c) about, at, the  d) at  e) no prepositions
  37. Hundreds of people swarmed into the theater for the show.  a) of  b) of, into, swarmed  c) of, into  d) of, into, for  e) of, for
  38. The train roared through the tunnel, blasting its horn at the ducks.  a) roared, blasting  b) through  c) at  d) through, at  e) through, at, its
  39. He made us walk around together.  a) around  b) together  c) around, together  d) walk, around, together  e) no prepositions
  40. The class about cheese was held in the gym.  a) about  b) about, in  c) about, was, in  d) the(2), about, in  e) no prepositions
  41. At noon, the colonel marched across the courtyard to the gate.  a) at  b) at, to  c) at, to, across  d) at, across, to, the(2)  e) across, to
  42. The friendly, little platypus followed me upstairs.  a) the  b) the, upstairs  c) upstairs  d) followed, upstairs  e) no prepositions
  43. The substitute with the strange name made us do jumping jacks outside.  a) with  b) with, outside  c) the(2), with, outside  d) outside e) no prepositions
  44. Please ask the ducks to come inside because of the rain.  a) to  b) to, because  c) to, because, of  d) to, of  e) of
    Tom Sawyer Chapter 17 
  45. "Well, Tom Sawyer, he licked me once." (p118) Why did this person say this?  a) Because he was embarrassed.  b) Because he wanted to brag.  c) Because he was still mad at Tom for doing it.  d) He was praying for forgiveness.  e) NOTA.
  46. "Well, Tom Sawyer, he licked me once." (p118) Why was no one impressed? a) Everybody had "licked" that kid.  b) It wasn't that special.  c) This kid always got in fights.  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  47. After the boys reappeared, the whole town was angry at them.  a) True  b) False
  48.  Which of these is the caption that was originally under this illustration?  a) "It's a Miracle!"  b) "Poor Huck"  c) "The Dead Boys"  d) "Tom's Proudest Moment"  e) "Trouble is Coming"