Last Test of 2006! -- Academic Words Review I
  1. If you don't know the meaning of the word, there are some ________(s) you can use to try to figure it out.  a) site  b) strategy  c) design  d) distinct e) proceed
  2. In professional sports, usually it is the team with the most __________(s) that wins the most, because they can afford to pay for the best players.  a) achieve  b) acquire  c) resource  d) proceed  e) impact
  3. After he had taken the first step, he didn't quite know how to ________.  a) consume  b) acquire  c) obtain  d) proceed  e) restrict.
  4. While he was in Australia for so many years, he _________(ed) a bit of an accent in his speech, and started saying g'day a lot.  a) consume  b) acquire  c) resource  d) previous  e) strategy
  5. The United States _________(s) much more oil, electricity, and other natural resources than any country in the world. a) consume  b) consequently  c) design  d) site  e) resource
  6. Many times, things are not really what we ________ them to be.  a) vary  b) potential  c) maintain  d) perceive  e) secure
  7. Mr. McCheese's style _____(s) sharply with that of Mrs. ElQueso. He  never lets us jabber like that.  a) emerge  b) promote  c) contrast  d) despite  e) emphasis
  8. The Red Cross volunteers decided to ______ their efforts on the worst-hit areas first.  a) framework  b) institute  c) hence  d) confer  e) concentrate
  9. After the disputed call, the referees all _____(ed), and they finally decided the play would stand.  a) emerge  b) despite  c) promote  d) confer  e) concentrate
  10. Sometimes, _____ our best efforts, things still go wrong.  a) despite  b) contrast  c) equate  d) confer  e) concentrate
  11. With all the changes in her life, the one _________ was her friend Sydney, who was always there for her.  a) promote  b) element  c) constant  d) attribute   e) concentrate
  12. Usually, how far you get in life ___________(s) to how hard you work at it.  a) document  b) dominate  c) contribute  d) correspond  e) justify
  13. One should hope that a(n) __________ of a good spelling program would be better spelling.  a) sequence  b) component  c) coordinate  d) convene  e) outcome
  14. After what happened at the high school, a special meeting of the school board was __________(ed)  a) outcome  b) convene  c) dominate  d) contribute  e) considerable
  15. You should have _________ to back up your opinion. a) evidence  b) structure  c) feature  d) factor  e) significant
  16. The ________ for the new mall is next to a school, and many people are worried that traffic will be a problem.  a) resource  b) obtain  c) site  d) principle  e) distinct
  17. The police didn't have ___________ evidence to charge him with the crime, so they had to let him go.  a) outcome  b) component  c) convene  d) initial  e) sufficient
  18. When I first met him, my _________ impression was that he was a bit sloppy.  a) component  b) coordinate  c) valid  d) consent  e) initial
  19. Before you can appear on tv, you have to sign a _________ form that basically says that they have your permission.  a) constrain  b) consent  c) imply  d) considerable  e) sequence
  20. By the tone of his voice I could tell he was _______(ing) something he wasn't saying.  a) imply  b) scheme  c) coordinate  d) valid  e) contribute
  21. Many people's weddings get so complicated, they need people to ____________ all the tasks that need to get done on time.  a) convene  b) coordinate  c) consent  d) sufficient  e) contribute
  22. He always tried to __________ a good GPA, because keeping good grades is easier than trying to get them back after they drop. a) vary  b) proceed  c) consequently  d) affect  e) maintain
  23. They interviewed at least 20 ________ applicants. Only 5 were allowed to apply.  a) perceive  b) obtain  c) site  d) potential  e) strategy
  24. The twins may look alike, but they have very _______ personalities.  a) obtain b) restrict  c) previous  d) vary  e) distinct
  25. What are your _________ for a good book? Suspense? Action?  Good characters?  a) emphasis  b) tradition  c) confer  d) contrast  e) criteria
  26. In conclusion, though, the negative ________(s) outweighed the positive ones. a) evidence  b) structure  c) convene  d) factor  e) significant
  27. The police said that the driver's use of alcohol ________(ed) to the crash.  a) illustrate  b) coordinate  c) convene  d) contribute  e) correspond
  28. She wasted a _______ amount of time demonstrating her "superpower" of  learning all of our names. a) involve  b) structure  c) feature  d) factor  e) significant,
  29. A good teacher tries to ______ the students in the lesson. a) involve  b) conduct  c) consist  d) conduct  e) factor
  30. Try to figure out the word's meaning from its _______ a) concept  b) conduct  c) consist  d) context  e) factor
  31. The guest teacher's _________ to teaching didn't really work for this class. a) approach  b) conduct  c) authority  d) available  e) benefit,
  32. Her style seemed to ________ of telling random stories, for example, about the time she was "jacked" by gypsies. a) involve  b) benefit  c) concept  d) consist  e) evidence
  33. In his speech, he ________(ed) all of the technical terms he used with examples.  a) illustrate  b) justify  c) valid  d) sequence  e) dominate
  34. How will this ________ my grade?   a) affect  b) effect  c) illustrate  d) concept  e) consist
  35. How much money you spend should be __________(ed) by how much money you earn, but credit cards allow people to live beyond their means.  a) contribute  b) coordinate  c) convene  d) constrain  e) dominate
  36. After Christmas break, this class will feature an increased ________ on writing.  a) philosophy  b) emphasis  c) element  d) criteria  e) dimension
  37. He has all the _____(s) needed to be a good teacher.  a) attribute  b) hence  c) tradition  d) emphasis  e) institute
  38. Spender ______(ed) littering on Mars with blasphemy.  a) equate  b) concentrate  c) emphasis  d) hence  e) promote
  39. In order to prove his claim to the IRS, he had to ______ everything that happened. a) outcome  b) consent  c) imply  d) component  e) document
  40. If fifth period's _______ doesn't improve soon, there will be consequences.   a) concept  b) conduct  c) consist  d) context  e) significant
  41. How many people in the family?  a) 3   b) 5  c) 4  d) 7  e) 6
  42. Why do they blow up their rocket?  a) So they can salvage the metal easier.  b) So they won't be tempted to go back to Earth.  c) They didn't; it was an accident.  d) So nobody would know they're there.  e) b and d.
  43. They plan on being the only people on Mars.  a) True  b) False
  44. How do they know that there's almost nothing left on Earth?  a) They saw it through a telescope.  b) They watched the last of it as they left Earth.  c) They don't know.  d) The radio went silent.  e) All of the above.
  45. What was the only sign of life in the city that they picked?  a) fish in a pond  b) a running fountain  c) a Martian ghost  d) Walter Gripp  e) strange insects
  46. On p179, Mom says, "I can see that'll cause trouble later..." What will cause trouble?  a) The fact that they will be the last people left.  b) That they didn't bring enough food.  c) That they lied to the kids about this being a "vacation."  d) The fact that there's nobody left on Earth.  e) None of the above.
  47. What job did Dad have on Earth?  a) soldier.  b) teacher.  c) police officer.  d) rocket scientist  e) governor
  48. Dad's speech about why they left Earth matches almost exactly  the attitude of what previous character?  a) Biggs  b) Captain Wilder  c) Captain Williams  d) Sam Parkhill  e) Jeff Spender
  49. The last thing they burn is a map of Earth.  a) True  b) False
  50. If the war hadn't come, the family would never have come to Mars.  a) True  b) False
  51. The family turned into real Martians from the effects of being in the old Martian city. a) True  b) False