Rough Draft Outline/Preliminary Table of Contents Examples
Topic: Adolph Hitler

I. Introduction (Topic Stuff, thesis, etc.)
II. Childhood/Early Life
III. Adolph the Man
IV. Rise to Power
V. Der Fuhrer
VI. Defeat
VII. Conclusion
VIII. Works Cited
Topic: UFOs

I. Introduction (Topic Stuff, thesis: "UFOs exist and here's proof...")
II. The First UFO Sightings
III. Modern Sightings
IV. Evidence for Space Ships
V. Coverups?
VI. Abductions?
VII. Other Explanations
VIII. Conclusions (Unanswered questions, etc.)
IX. Works Cited

Topic: Basketball
I. Introduction
II. Early Inventors and Creators of the Game
III. Rules Changes and a Changing Game
IV. Early Games, Stars, Teams, and Coaching Greats
V. The Modern Game
VI.  Modern Stars
VII The Future
VIII. Conclusion
IX. Works Cited