Directions: For practice, use the transitions listed in the sentences below. In each group, use a transition only once. Read each sentence carefully so that you can choose an appropriate transition. Capitalize when necessary.
for example, finally, but, so, still, beyond, to the left, inside
  1. I would like to see you tomorrow, _______ let’s have lunch together.
  2. My sister loves to eat, ________ I don’t care much about food.
  3. When you begin an exercise program, you must be careful not to overdo it.
  4. My father, ________, hurt his back by exercising too hard without warming up first.
  5. She had looked everywhere for a job; _____, she was called for an interview.
    similarly, third, nevertheless, however, as a result, then, for instance, therefore
  6. She had been studying for hours. _______________, she hoped to do well on the test.
  7. First, Mary went to the store. _______________, she went to visit her mother.
  8. I would like to read many books; _______________, I don’t seem to have enough time to read.
  9. John ate and ate; _______________, he never gained weight.
  10. Joe ate too fast. _______________, he had indigestion.

    meanwhile, furthermore, first, third, in fact, until then, consequently, in contrast
  11. He stayed up too late last night; _______________, he slept until noon.
  12. I want you to buy milk, eggs, and fruit juice; _______, I want you to be sure to get cereal and ice cream.
  13. I was concentrating on my homework. ________,  the soup boiled over.
  14.  ______, I will boil the water. Second, I will brew the tea, and______, I will serve it. 
  15. Joe, _____, happens to be my best friend.
  16. Jane studies all the time; ______, Billy never studies.
Directions: Create on original sentence or pair of sentences using the transition indicated.
1. for example

2. furthermore

3. nevertheless

4. meanwhile

5. however

6. as a result

7. without a doubt

8. consequently