Tom Sawyer Questions, Chapters 1-13:
Chapter 1
   1.    How does Aunt Polly find out that Tom did go swimming?
   2.    What is it about the new boy that bugs Tom so much?
   3.    Describe Aunt Polly (behavior and looks) using 3 quotes from the book.
   4.    What does "spare the rod and spoil the child" mean?
   5.    Translate slang: truck, lick, dander up, powerful warm, lam, suck eggs, ?

Chapter 2
   1.    Name three things that Tom got the kids to give him.
   2.    According to MT, what is the difference between work and play? (p13)
   3.    Translate slang: bully, taw, gay, up a stump, honest injun, shucks

Chapter 3
A) Put the events that occurred in Chapter 3 into the proper sequence.Copy only the bold-faced parts. Fill in the blanks as needed.

  1.   ....gets whacked for Sid breaking the sugar bowl...
  2.   ....goes to the new girl's house and lies under the window...
  3.   ....forgets about Amy Lawrence...
  4.   ....fantasizes about _________...
  5.   ....sees a new girl and starts _________...
  6.   ....throws a rock through a window...
  7.   ....gets a ________, (which he picks up with his toes)...
  8.   ....acts as a general while playing Army...
  9.   ....nails Sid with dirt clods...
  10.   ....steals a _________...

B) Why did Aunt Polly NOT apologize to Tom?

Chapter Four
A) Put the events that occurred in Chapter 4 into the proper sequence. Copy only the bold-faced parts. Fill in the blanks as needed.

  1.   ....only pretends to wash up...
  2.   ....annoys several kids as he shows up for Sunday School...
  3.   ....tries to memorize his Bible verses...
  4.   ....turns in enough tickets for a Bible...
  5.   ....trades _________ for Bible verse tickets...
  6.   ....blurts out the wrong answer...
  7.   ....was in awe of the visitor, who was a _____, as well as ______'s _______...
  8.   ....gets asked to name the first two disciples...

B) What does the last line of the chapter mean?

Chapter 5
 What happened? Why do you think MT put this chapter in?

Chapter 6, Chapter 7, and Chapter 8 Due by ____________
One paragraph response per chapter, plus the questions below.
  1.Why do people believe in superstitions? Do you have any superstitions?
  2.Describe Huck using 3 quotes from the book.
  3.Draw a diagram of the game that Tom and Joe play.
  4.What mistake does Tom make with Becky?
  5.After the fight with Becky, Tom first dreams of __________.
  6.Then he thinks he might be a ________, a___________, or a __________.
  7.He finally decides to become a ___________, because...
  8.Why won't Tom "fall" (die) when he and Joe are "sword-fighting"?
  9.Give three examples of superstitions in these three chapters. How do their superstitions compare with some of the ones we still have today? 

Chapter NINE and TEN and ELEVEN Due by:____________
1.How do each of the boys react to the scariness of the graveyard? Who seems more scared? Why might this be?
2.Draw a sketch of the murder scene, showing the positions of everyone, including the boys.
3.Slang: keep mum, afeared, by hokey, dasn't, geeminy
4.How are Tom and Huck contrasted in Chapter 10? Who seems more realistic about the danger they face? Why might this be?
5.What does the last line of Chapter 10 mean? What happened?
6.What is the superstition of the howling dog?
7.How does news travel in Tom's village?
8.When Injun Joe tells his version of the events in the graveyard, Tom and Huck are amazed that something doesn't happen. What? What do they  think the reason behind this is?
9.How does Tom ease his conscience with regard to Muff?
10."It's blood, it's blood, that's what it is!" Who's talking? What's going on?
11.Why doesn't Injun Joe get punished for body-snatching?
Chapter 12 and 13
1. "Because if he'd 'a had one, she'd 'a burnt him one herself!" Who's talking? What's going on? What does he/she mean?
2. "When Jeff arrived, Tom accosted him, and "led up" warily to opportunities for remark about Becky, but the giddy lad never could see the bait."  TRANSLATE!
3. How does Tom convince Joe that a pirate's life is better than a hermit's?
4. Why does Mark Twain call the boys "curiously inconsistent pirates"? (Last line of Chapter 13.)
5. "Translate" the dialogue below from Chapter 13:
    "Ain't it gay?"
    "It's just nuts! What would the boys say if they could see us?"
    "Say? Well they'd just die to be here--hey Hucky?"
    "I reckon so. Anyways I'm suited. I don't want nuthin' better than they can't come and pick at a feller and bullyrag him so."
    "Oh, we'll have a bully time."