Tom Sawyer Moodle Guidelines

Everything below counts toward 600 words.
To count for study question homework, you must post at least 4 times to the forum.
Forum entries must be 50+ words long to count towards the total.
You are limited to 2 slang dictionary entries per week for extra credit.
You are limited to 2 vocabulary dictionary entries per week for extra credit.
You must author/add at least one wiki page per week (250 word minimum). The link/essay must relate to Tom Sawyer in some way. (See below.)
Keep track of your own word count. Suggestion: Each time you post or write a wiki page, before you actually post it, copy all of the text and paste it into MS Word. Then use tools-word count to check the word count. Make a note of the count, and then post the page, THEN PRINT IT!
You may edit someone else's wiki page ONLY with the author's permission.
Editing summary pages also counts toward your 600 words. Just keep track of words, and print a copy for your folder.

Suggested Topics List for Tom Sawyer Wiki
Here are suggested topics for adding to the Tom Sawyer wiki. If you have other ideas, please get approval first. (Be sure to read the instructions for MakingLinks.) With all topics, make sure you use multiple examples from the book to back up what you say. Make sure that any pages you create are at least 250 words long. PRINT A COPY FOR YOUR FOLDER.

Making Wiki Links
To make a link in a wiki, all you have to do is capitalize the first letter of a word, as well as another letter in that same word (not consecutive though). For example, if you wanted to make a link about dead cats (please don't do it), you would do this:  DeadCat. After you save the page, you will see a little clickable question mark. Clicking that takes you to a page where you can fill us in on all the details of dead cats. (Again, please don't do it.)