Tom Sawyer 14-31
Chapters 14-15
  1. What was the "boom" the "pirates" kept hearing and why did it make them feel happy ?
  2. What did Tom do before he left camp? What do you think  he wrote?
  3. What do the villagers think happened to the boys?
  4. "Well the things is ours anyway, ain't they ?" Who's talking? What's going on ? Name two of the things.
Chapters 16-24
  1. What was one piece of good news that the boys had after the huge storm?
  2. "I've lost my knife. I reckon I better go and find it." (p103,  p112 in the brown books) Who's talking? What' going on? Why is this funny?
  3. "Two of the savages almost wished they had remained pirates." (p   , p116 in brown books) Why? what's going on?
  4. Reread the last line of chapter 17. Explain.
  5. "Pretty thin--as long a dream as that, without any mistakes in  it."(p115, p124) Who's talking? What's going on?
  6. How did the other boys react to the return of the pirates?
  7. "Go away and leave me alone, can't you! I hate you!" (p119  p128 in brown books) Who's talking? Whom is he/she  talking to? What's going on?
  8. "Be so mean if you want to! I know something that's going  to happen..." (p124, p134)
  9. "Tom, how could you be so noble?" (Last line of Chapter  20) Explain.
  10. Draw a diagram of the prank the boys pulled on the master.
  11. Name three of the things that came to town during the  summer.
  12. Why was Tom disappointed in the U.S. senator who came  to town?
  13. Why did Tom think the storm in Chapter 22 was intended for him?
  14. "Little hands, and weak--but they've helped Muff Potter a power, and they'd help him more if they could." (p140, p151) Who's talking? Why is this ironic?
  15. "Tom was out late that night and came to bed through the window." (p141, p151) Where do you think Tom went?
  16. After the trial, Tom's days were.... but Tom's nights were...
Chapter 25-31
  1. Think about how Tom has made up with Becky and with  Aunt Polly and what he did for Muff...Is Tom "growing up"?
  2. How does Tom want to spend any treasure they find? Huck? What do the differences in what they want tell us about differences in their personalities or outlooks on life?
  3. Give two reasons why Tom says they don't find treasure like they should.
  4. Where do you think "Number Two" is? What does it mean? What makes you think so?
  5. How had Injun Joe been "hiding out" in town all along?
  6. What does Tom dream about? What does Huck dream about? What does this tell us about the differences in the two boys? (see question #2) Tom might be called a  _________, whereas, Huck might be seen as a ________. Why might this be?
  7. If Injun Joe is drunk, why won't the boys go back and grab   the box from his lair?
  8. Why does Injun Joe want revenge on the widow? What does he want to do to her?
  9. "Huckleberry Finn indeed; it ain't a name to open many doors, I judge. But let him in lads, and let's see what's the trouble." Who? What?
  10. How/when are Tom and Becky discovered missing?
  11. "It's a name that can open this door night or day, lad!--and welcome!"Who's talking? What's going on? Who's he talking about? Why has his attitude changed? What is "unusual  about this statement?
  12. What would you do in the cave?
  13. Why didn't Injun Joe chase Tom?
Chapter 32-end
  1. Did Injun Joe get what he deserved? Explain why you think so/not. How does Tom feel about his death?
  2. How did people feel about Injun Joe's funeral?
  3. How did Becky behave in the cave? Was her behavior realistic, or was she just a stereotype of a helpless girl? Explain why you think so.
  4. "The boys in this town will take more trouble, and fool away more time hunting up 6 bits worth of old iron...than they would to make twice the money at regular work."  Who? What? Why is this ironic?
  5. What mean thing did Sid do at the widow's party?
  6. Once everyone found out about the treasure, what happened to every "haunted" house in St. Petersburg?
  7. "No Tom...I won't live in them cussed smothery houses. I like the woods and the river, and hogheads..." Who? What? What do you think?
  8. How does Tom get Huck to go back to the widow?
  9. Why does Mark Twain stop the story where he does?
  10. Has Tom grown up? Use examples from the book to show what you mean.
  11. Has Huck changed? Use example from the book to show what you mean.