Usage Practice II
(Find and fix the usage/spelling problem(s) in each sentence. There is ONE sentence that is completely correct. There are a total of 22 mistakes in this exercise.)

1. We havenít got no more paper cups for the picnick.
2. Right now, a large amount of dogs are being held at the pound.
3. She could've won if she would of tried harder.
4. The reason he was late was because he ran out of gas.
5. There have been less complaints from the students since the cafateria changed itís menu.
6. Divide the watermelen between the four hungry boys.
7. You seem to be a person different then the one you use to be.
8. The magizine was lying on the table, right were you left it.
9. We went fishing, hiking, and we camped out.
10. I refuse to discuss this matter any farther then is necessery.
11. Are you going to the movies with Johnny and me?
12. Joe and her went to the store with Carol.

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