Vocabulary List #7 - 10/06/14
1) (Due Tuesday) Look up the definition of each word on learnersdictionary.com and copy it into your NOTEBOOK.
2) (Due Wednesday) Copy the sentence starter for each word into your NOTEBOOK and add an independent clause (complete sentence) to each that demonstrates the meaning of the word. 
3) (Due Thursday) Create a cloze (fill in the blank with the proper word style) sentence for each word ON THIS SHEET (or on a shared Google Doc).

adversary. He was a worthy adversary;
aplomb. He handled the reporters with great aplomb;
banish. They banished the dogs to the basement...
grueling. Her schedule is grueling;
concoction. Her new concoction was a bit weird...
disdain. He looked at the maid with disdain:
dispel. Please dispel any rumors by...
engross. I was so engrossed in my book that...
diminish. He tried to diminish her accomplishment by saying...
exhilarate. We were exhilarated by...


Spelling List #3
Which city is the state capital
The dome of the capitol  building is gold.  
We live a few miles from the state borderTheir boarder  rents the whole third floor.  
An apple core  contains seeds.  She served in a special army corps.  
Connor is a colonel  in the army.  I ate every kernel  of corn.  
Are you on the student councilHis job is to counsel  troubled students.  
We had to bail  out the boat after the storm.  Tie the gathered cardboard into a bale .  
Being idle  is boring; I'd rather be doing something.  The rock fans roared when their idol  appeared.  
Does she really put cream on her cerealWhat is the serial  number of that computer?  
Your delicious pie deserves a complimentCertain colors complement  each other.  
Who's  going to take the kids?  Whose  book is this?   
Cherry wouldn't drink Dally's Coke because of the principle  of the thing. Mr. Calandro is our principal .  
The boy fell off the sheer  cliff  We went to the ranch, and helped to shear  the sheep.  
The dog tilted its head. It's going to be a great day. They're all going to the party.  Look over there. Their family is large.