Practice for Academic Word List 3A.
  1. She bought a frame and all the ______(s) she needed, and built her bike herself.  a) document  b) outcome  c) specify  d) component  e) scheme
  2. There have been no actual, ______________(ed) "flying saucer" sightings.  a) sequence  b) justify  c) considerable  d) document  e) valid
  3. Juliet's father would not give his _____________ for her to marry Romeo.  a) justify  b) consent  c) sufficient  d) valid  e) outcome
  4. The size of our football field was ____________(ed) by the size of Louie's yard.  a) contribute  b) convene  c) coordinate  d) sufficient  e) constrain
  5. We haven't had a ____________ amount of rain lately; it's been pretty dry.  a) justify  b) considerable  c) valid  d) constrain  e) document
  6. He didn't actually say it, but he ___________(ed) very strongly.  a) contribute  b) dominate  c) justify  d) imply  e) valid
  7. Please allow me to _______________ my point with a few examples.  a) contribute  b) coordinate  c) consent  d) illustrate  e) sequence
  8. We all anxiously awaited the ____________ of the game.  a) illustrate  b) outcome  c) sequence  d) scheme  e) component
  9. Congress _______________(ed) a special session just to deal with what happened on 9/11.  a) contribute  b) considerable  c) outcome  d) dominate  e) convene
  10. Opinions that you can't ___________ are basically worthless.  a) valid  b) justify  c) constrain  d) coordinate  e) imply
  11. Many times your future is ___________(ed) by choices you make when you are younger.  a) component  b) document  c) constrain  d) initial  e) convene
  12. The Tigers' ____________(ing) defense kept Lompoc from scoring at all.   a) contribute  b) valid  c) imply  d) dominate  e) correspond
  13. Let's __________ a meeting of all the volunteers.  a) illustrate  b) correspond  c) contribute  d) convene  e) consent
  14.  The computer says that I have in_____________ space to save my file. a) consent  b) valid  c) justify  d) constrain  e) sufficient
  15. I don't like what you're _________ing; I would never cheat.  a) consent  b) imply  c) valid  d) convene  e) contribute
  16. He lost the debate, because most of his arguments were in________.  a) justified  b) specified  c) dominated  d) valid  e) illustrated
  17. After she left, she still ____________ed with her friends back home.  a) dominate  b) imply  c) correspond  d) consent  e) illustrate