Practice Warm Ups for Academic Word List #4
1. The rubric gives the _________ for grading your projects.  a) tradition  b) element  c) emphasis  d) criteria  e) concentrate
   2. One of the goals of the US Constitution is to "...________ the general welfare..." of the people.  a) approximate  b) framework  c) institute  d) despite  e) promote
   3. The _____ of your project should be to show your knowledge of the book.  a) criteria  b) framework  c) emphasis  d) adequate  e) dimension
   4. We need to know the __________(s) of your room, so we know how much paint to buy.  a) criteria  b) dimension  c) emphasis  d) emerge  e) tradition
   5. Her cat was her __________ companion; he never left her side.  a) promote  b) constant  c) hence  d) tradition  e) adequate
   6. Many people ____________ money with happiness.  a) emphasis  b) promote  c) attribute  d) dimension  e) equate

   1. When you pronounce this word, make sure to put the _____ on the first syllable.  a) framework  b) emphasis  c) criteria  d) approximate  e) attribute
   2. It hasn't been long enough since the new homework policy was ______(ed) to see if it works yet. a) confer  b) promote  c) emphasis  d) attribute  e) institute
   3. The band went on tour to ____ their new album.  a) emphasis  b) contrast  c) emerge  d) promote  e) equate
   4. Don't work it out exactly, just try to _____ an answer.  a) approximate  b) equate  c) concentrate  d) promote  e) institute
   5. Since the poison was so _____(ed), it only took a tiny bit to kill.  a) equate  b) emphasis  c) attribute  d) promote  e) concentrate
   6. His brother's _____ whistling finally drove him crazy.  a) approximate  b) constant  c) emphasis  d) tradition  e) dimension

# Her _______ of life is, "Live, and let live."  a) criteria  b) philosophy  c) attribute  d) tradition  e) promote
# He _______(ed) his success to listening to his seventh grade English teacher.  a) promote  b) contrast  c) institute  d) concentrate  e) attribute
# All Ponyboy could see were the __________(s) between his life and Cherry's.  a) attribute  b) framework  c) tradition  d) contrast  e) dimension
# If you don't wear _____ clothing, you will get cold.  a) attribute  b) concentrate  c) element  d) adequate  e) constant
# His lab is on the cutting edge of ___________(ing) technology.  a) emerge  b) hence  c) tradition  d) equate  e) contrast
# You will thank me, three years __________. a) promote  b) hence  c) emerge  d) approximate  e) tradition