"Punctuation" Marks?!.
Each sentence below is missing one punctuation mark. Copy the sentence, and provide the missing punctuation. Also fix any other mistakes you find--there are many. Extra Credit: a) What is #6 called? b) When do we use single quotation marks?(')

  1.Mr Anderson called and said he'd come later today.
  2.When she learned her apartment had been robbed she sat down and cried.
  3.Im sure we are on the wrong road.
  4.Drinking while driving is illegal furthermore, it can be deadly.
  5.This recipe has just three ingredients lime Jello, cottage cheese, and pinapple.
  6.You may be right, but
  7.How lovely this garden is in the moonlight
  8.The FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation is responsable for tracking down counterfeiters.
  9.He recieved a two thirds majoraty of the vote.
  10.He said he wanted a house that could hold a herd of thundering elephents that's what he called Mama's family.
  11.Does he seem to be a different person then the one he use to be