Writing Warmups #1
Check the rules for counting your 600 words/week!

How could you connect these seemingly unrelated thing into one story, poem, essay or ????
1a) a dance contest   1b) a bunch of mice for a science experiment  1c) ice cream
2a) a 1947 convertible  2b) a switchblade  2c) a parachute
3a) a flying machine 3b) a monster 3c) paper clips
4a) a professional wrestler 4b) the Declaration of Independence  4c) your mom
5a) lightning  5b) someone playing hooky  5c) a phone booth

Listing to "poetry"
A) Take 3 minutes and list as many things as you can think of that you would find in a junkyard, your room, the mall, wherever...
B) Mark the "best" items on the list; the ones that are "cool", or that have a good sound, or might tell a story...
C) Shape your list into a poem that shows why you chose those items, or tells a story, or simply captures the scene, or sound cool and funny, or...It doesn't have to rhyme, but...
D) You could use that list as the beginning of a story or...????

a) Things I hope to do before I'm 30.
b) Describe "heaven."
c) Invent a new game show. Who's the host? What are the stunts/questions? ???
d) The title of the story is "The Strange Breakfast." How does it begin?
e) If words were like bricks, then...
f) Top Ten List: Ways to know you're really in trouble.
g) Invent a new insect.