More (some different) Writing Ideas!
  1. Imagine you are the editor of a major  national news magazine. Write the cover story you would choose for the

  2. issue that would be on the newstands January 1, 2010.
  3. What if you couldn’t forget anything?
  4. If your dog (cat) could talk, what would it say about you and your family? Make it funny.
  5. Things I hope to do before I'm 30.
  6. Describe "heaven."
  7. Describe "hell."
  8. Invent a new game show. Who's the host? What are the stunts/questions? ???
  9. The title of the story is "The Weird Teacher." How does it begin? 
  10. Top Ten List: Ways to know you're really in trouble.
  11. Invent a new class to be offered here at Laguna...
  12. "Free but Focused": Write as fast and furiously as you can for 10 minutes, but this time stick broadly to a subject. Begin with one of these or begin with your own, but try to at least marginally stay with the subject:
  13. Invent the ideal parents! Ideal brother or sister! Ideal school.
  14. Speculate on what "aliens" from another world might be like. Looks? Technology? Etc.?
  15. Make a list of questions you would use to interview a space alien.
  16. "It was the greatest thing..."
  17. Where/how would you live if you could live anywhere/any way you want? Show!!!