ALL "NEW" Ideas (Well, they might be new to you!)
  1. What color do you think love is? Explain your answer.
  2. What color do you think hate is? Explain your answer.
  3. Love stories: Wite about romances between unusual pairs . (ex. a tennis shoe and a potato peel, a bee and a mathematician, a doctor and a bandage) Show how the relationship developed.
  4. Choose a well known fairy tale and give it a surprise ending. ( Ex. Snow white falls in love with one of the dwarfs instead of the prince. Little Red Riding Hood turns out to be a wolf in disguise herself.
  5. Imagine you are visiting a planet where people don't know what laughter is. Write a speech called "How to Laugh." First define what laughter is. Then compare and contrast different kinds of laughs (chuckle, guffaw, snicker, titter, giggle) and describe/show each.
  6. Student for Sale. Pretend you are a product that people can purchase and write an advertisement to sell yourself. List things that you can do. For how much are you selling? What accessories come with you? (ex: a scrub brush and pail, an insect collection, a clown costume, a pet elephant, a maintenance agreement or a lifetime warranty.)
  7. Crazy Combination. Write a poem that has in every line...the name of an animal and a kitchen utensil, a color and a fruit, a body part and a famous person, a power source and a dance, or any other crazy combination.
  8. The title of the story is: "The Money Plant."
  9. He didn't look like a genius; he looked more like...
  10. It was a weird thing, hairy and smelly and limp, but I loved it because...
  11. If time could stand still, or even go backwards, I would...
  12. The boy appeared at the door of the cabin, looking ...
  13. How I feel about my alarm clock.
  14. If you could be in charge of the school for one day, show how would you change it.
  15. Imagine that you could not smell. Describe things you would miss out on.
  16. Write 5 things in the world you would change if you could.