Even More Writing Warm-ups, Again...
  1. What items would you place in a time-capsule, which would be buried here at Laguna, and unearthed in the year 2065? Why would you choose those items?
  2. Expand each of these lines into a scene or a story...(could be fictional, could be real...)
  3. Make a list of words and phrases you use most often. Explain their meaning, and why you use these words and phrases so often. What altrnatives are there?
  4. Make a slang dictionary. Make it funny.
  5. Show the perfect...
  6. If I were to change one thing about myself...That's because...
  7. Make a list of people and things that influence your life. Think! Why are these things/people important in your life?
  8. Show the funny side of some figures of speech. For example; what would it be like if it really did "rain cats and dogs"? Crack a smile? Broken heart?
  9. You awaken to find that you've been turned into a giant insect. You can't talk. Show...
  10. Growing up is like... Because... (fill in as many similies as you can...)
  11. Show the same incident from two or three different points of view: a car wreck, a fight in a restaurant, a person being wrongly accused by the teacher, etc.
  12. Write a conversation your pencil might have with you or your teacher.
  13. You have 2 minutes to live. Show what you would do.
  14. Describe the owner of these things: a pocket knife, a crumpled bus pass, unfinished math homework, a candy wrapper. Show his/her day.
  15. How would the world be different if school were not compulsary until age 18? Show both "good" and bad effects.
  16. Show you having the most fun you've ever had.
  17. Sometimes I hate being able to read minds...
  18. Who: You.  Where: Awake in bed.  When; 3:00 a.m. What: A scream and a squeal of tires.
  19. What if words did hurt like sticks and stones?