More writing Ideas!
  1. The best day of my life started when...   The worst day of my life...
  2. The title of the story is "Spring Fever." How does it begin?
  3. Top ten most boring things (with comments).
  4. Top ten most interesting/exciting things (with comments).
  5. How
  6. How to impress your teacher...
  7. Write an obituary for yourself... (Make it funny?)
  8. What are 20 things you love to do? Why?
  9. Start a list of possible topics for your research paper.
  10. The title of the story is, "The Day My Teacher Sang."
  11. If I could talk to__________, I would say...
  12. Show the ideal job.
  13. Turn you paper over and make a dot anywhere on the page. Stare at it for awhile. Now turn your paper over and start writing about what it could be.
  14. Write a poem around these three words: hare, hair, heir. Or: cents, sense, scents.
  15. If you were forced to switch lives with anyone, whom would it be? Why? Show you living that person's life.
  16. Try to remember the last five times you laughed (or cried). Show what each was about.
  17. Invent a new kind of furniture. Show how would be used.
  18. What are the top ten scariest things? Why?
  19. "There ought to be a law..."
  20. "The people in my neighborhood are so weird..." (Invent!)
  21. "Kids today..."
  22. "If I had my own car..."
  23. Complete this as many ways as you can: "I wonder..."