ADDing Detail, Description, Explanation
  1. After each sentence, add a new sentence that expands, explains, or describes the idea in the first sentence. (gives an example of, compares, etc.) Short, choppy sentences should be combined. Feel free to rewrite any of the existing sentences as well.
  2. When you do your own, find the most lifeless paragraph in your essay, the least showy. On a separate sheet, copy the first sentence, then add one. Copy the second, then add one, etc.
    The Invasion
     His heart was pounding.

He was sure he had seen the doorknob turn.

Suddenly, the door flew open, and a rush of warm air came into the nicely air conditoned home.

He stood up, removing himself from the recliner chair.

     He went toward the door.

Before he knew it, he was trampled with hugs and flattened with kisses.

His grandparents had arrived.

He was going to make a run to the bedroom, but he never made it.

      Visions passed through his head about how nice it would be if he were somewhere else.