Practice for Academic Word List 5
  1. Unfortunately, there is not much ___________(ment) of the no gum rule. a) amend  b) sustain  c) consult  d) enforce  e) generate
  2. The concert was filled to ____________; it was SRO. a) transit  b) revenue  c) facilitate  d) enforce  e) capacity
  3.  _________ sentences have two or more main ________(s).

  4. a) compound/clause  b) amended/entity  c) compound/notion  d) logic/clause  e) entity/notion
  5. Some say low taxes ___________ the growth of businesses. a) consult  b) conflict  c) enforce  d) facilitate  e) amend
  6. S. E. Hinton says that she likes to keep the writer part of her a separate ____________ from the mother part of her.  a) capacity  b) entity  c) notion  d) logic  e) clause
  7. His education ___________(ed) him to go far in life.   a) orient  b) amend  c) sustain  d) facilitate  e) enable
  8. The game was so exciting, she would __________ that memory forever.  a) consult  b) amend  c) sustain  d) retain  e) facilitate
  9. The cheerleaders tried to ____________ a lot of enthusiasm in the crowd.  a) facilitate  b) compound  c) orient  d) enforce  e) generate
  10. Get those crazy _________(s) of no homework right out of your head!  a) a) compound  b) notion  c) capacity  d) generate  e) conflict
  11. With interest ___________(ing) daily, your money will grow quickly.  a) conflict  b) revenue  c) compound  d) sustain  e) enforce
  12. Many seventh graders are a bit (dis)____________(ed) during the first few days of school.  a) orient  b) facilitate  c) amend  d) enforce  e) enable
  13. There was a _________ in their contract that there could be no brown M&M's in the bowl backstage.  a) revenue  b) amend  c) entity  d) conflict  e) clause