Practice for Academic Word List 8
  1. The poem's language was so ____________ that everyone interpreted it differently. a) accumulate  b) crucial  c) deviate  d) fluctuate  e) ambiguous
  2. The word ____________ literally means "one shape."  a) exploit  b) uniform  c) contemporary  d) bias  e) denote
  3. Many people think that the big farm owners ___________ the people who pick their crops.  a) induce  b) accumulate  c) exploit  d) displace  e) denote
  4. The man's blood pressure ____________(ed) wildly right before his heart attack.  a) exploit  b) manipulate  c) clarify  d) fluctuate  e) minimize
  5. Even in _____________ slang, the word cool still means good.  a) contemporary  b) arbitrary  c) ambiguous  d) deviate  e) implicit
  6. With a little persuasion, I was able to ____________ him to lessen the punishment.  a) accumulate  b) displace  c) induce  d) reinforce  e) fluctuate
  7. Most classroom rules don't have to be written down, they should be known ________(ly).  a) reinforce  b) bias  c) arbitrary  d) implicit  e) crucial
  8. The guest teacher __________(ed) from the lesson plan, and spent the period watching a video. a) denote  b) exploit  c) manipulate  d) arbitrary  e) deviate
  9. The Titanic ___________(ed) more than 13 million gallons of water, making it the world's largest ship at the time. a) accumulated  b) displace  c) arbitrary  d) induce  e) fluctuate
  10. His decision wasn't entirely ____________; he actually had a reason behind it. a) clarify  b) contemporary  c) uniform  d) arbitrary  e) bias