Monday, 8/25/14 - Late Start/Tour Schedule (30 minute periods!)
Welcome to Seventh Grade English!
Seating Charts/Schedules/Name Pronunciation, etc.

Web Page: and
Know it. Use it. Love it.
Class Expectations Sheet. 
READ tonight. There will be a quiz tomorrow: after I go over it, AFTER you have READ it. 
Get Mom/Dad to sign.

Copy homework into assignment book (AKA: planner).
This is the first thing we do every week. The homework for the entire week goes up Monday (or the first day of the week).

Get a notebook by Wednesday.
The warm up will, after today, almost always be the first thing we do everyday. 
--You grab your clicker as you come in the door. Check the sign! (Clickers: Yes or Clickers: No)
--You open your notebook, and write the title ("Warm Up") and date. 
--You await further instructions. 
--If the instructions say to copy, you copy into your notebook. You'll get enough time to do that, but warm ups are timed.

"Warm Up, 8/25/14"