Tuesday, 8/26/14 - Regular Schedule
"Warm Up - 8/26/14." Click and Copy!
  1. boxer : athlete :: chair : _____  a) table  b) stool  c) seat  d) furniture  e) leg
  2. needle : sew :: shovel : ______ a) tool  b) dig  c) thread  d) work  e) handle
  3. garbage : rot :: ice : _____  a) freeze  b) water  c) melt  d) break  e) cube
  4. 10% of 40 = ____ a) 36  b) 36%  c ) 10  d) 4  e) 14

"Class Expectations Quiz - 8/26/14." Write the answer--not the letter--and click!
  1. How often will we be having spelling/vocabulary quizzes? a) daily. b) weekly.  c) monthly.  d) twice a month. e) twice a week.
  2. How often will be having warm ups? a) daily. b) weekly.  c) monthly.  d) twice a month. e) twice a week.
  3. What two things should you bring to class every day? a) homework and pencil  b) pen and pencil  c) binder and pencil  d) notebook and something to write with  e) homework and notebook
  4. Which of these projects/activities was NOT listed on the expectations sheet?  a) making web pages.  b) doing a research paper.  c) reading aloud to the class  d) playing Jeopardy games.  e) All were listed.
  5. Mr. Coward's web site is updated weekly. a) True  b) False
  6. Which of these was NOT listed as a novel we will be reading this year?  a) The Martian Chronicles  b) The Midwife's Apprentice  c) Huck Finn  d) The Outsiders  e) All of these were listed.
  7. A tabbed section in your binder would be an approved substitute for a spiral notebook. a) True  b) False
  8. Part of KBAR is writing a summary of your reading in your notebook. a) True b) False
  9. KBAR is something we do four days a week in class.  a) True  b) False
  10. According to the late work policy, if an assignment is worth 40 points and you are 2 days late with it, how many points would you lose?  a) 20  b) 16  c) 12  d) 8  e) It's too late to turn it in.
  11. An analogy is... a) a quiz  b) a warm up  c)  a comparison  d) an explanation  e) NOTA
  12. Bonus Question for Extra Credit: There is a mechanical error repeated four times on the quiz. How do we fix it?
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Motto by Langston Hughes 

     I play it cool 
     and dig all jive.  
     That's the reason  
     I stay alive.  
     My motto,  
     As I live and learn,  
     Dig and Be Dug  
     In Return. 

(in notebook - Title: Motto  8/26/14)  
1) Sum up in one sentence what you think this poem is trying to say. 
2) Cool?  Dig?  Jive?  Pick one and try to explain what it means in this context.

Audio Feature: The concept of "digging."

Short Explanation Paper assignment due Friday.