Thursday, 8/28/14
Reminders: Slang Paragraph is due tomorrow. Test tomorrow.
I. "Warm Up, 8/28/14."  (10p) Do not copy. Write the answer (not the letter). This is a preview of the test tomorrow. But the test will be MC clicker.
  1. (2) An adjective is a word that...
  2. "The silly actor played the role of the jester perfectly."  Adjective or not?
  3. As used in The Outsiders, the word hood is short for _____.
  4. lb. : pound :: Soc : _______
  5. An advantage of a 3rd person narrator is...
  6. you: a) 1st person  b) 2nd person  c) 3rd person  d) 4th person
  7. In the poem "Delinquent," who's (the) delinquent?  a) Julie's parents  b) Julie  c) society  d) All of the above.  e) NOTA
  8. (2) _______ doesn't fit because _____.   evaluate, predict, question, summarize, react

Circle the adjectives... live!
  1. The smart investor made millions buying old buildings.
  2. "He has big black eyes and a dark tanned face..."
  3. "Two-Bit nodded wisely. 'Nice cut, too. Makes you look tough.'"

III. Vocabulary. Copy the words and defnitions.
connotation (n): what a word makes you think about  (co- means together or with)
denotation (n): dictionary definition
savvy (v, n, adj): dig, ability to dig, showing the ability to dig

Though their connotations/denotations are similar, the words nosy and curious have very different connotations/denotations.

IV. The Outsiders  Who are the Outsiders??
What is the connotation of the word outsider?