Friday, 8/29/14 - Finally Friday! Have a great 3-day weekend!
Homies: Fire Drill! Slightly shorter schedule.
Prepare sheet for Test #1.
Look in your notebook for your warm ups this week. Record your scores at the top of the sheet.

Mental Floss: Brain teasers and trick questions to scrape the mucous off your brain before the test.
Purely extra credit. NO penalty for wrong answers, so you may as well guess. Write the answers at the top of your test sheet.
If it looks like a trick, it probably is.
  1. You have two coins that total 15 cents, but one of them is not a nickel. How is that possible?
  2. What is the volume of dirt in a hole 6 feet long, 8 feet deep, and 4 feet wide?
  3. A farmer had seventeen sheep; all but nine died. How many are left?
  4. What heavy six letter word can you take one letter away from and have eight left?
  5. A fish weighs 10 pounds plus half its weight. How much does it weigh?(Not a trick; just math.)
  6.  You are in a mountain cabin, and it is freezing and dark. The cabin has an old gas lantern, a wood burning stove, and an oil burning heater. You have only one match. Which do you light first?

Test #1

Finished early? Your choices:
1) Doodle - Theme: The messiest room you can imagine. The theme is optional; you may doodle about whatever you want. If I like it you get get extra credit.
2) Trackword -  Spell words by connecting adjoining letters. Words must be at least 3 letters long. Each letter must touch the one before it. No proper nouns, abbreviations, or foreign words. You can only use a letter once in the same word. 10 words = +1, 20 words = +2, etc. Use the Trackwords section of your test sheet for your word list. Be sure to number your list.
3) Read something.
4) Nap. Just don't snore.
5) Stare blankly (and silently) into space.