Monday, 12/1/14 - Late Start Schedule
Copy homework into assignment book.
Vocabulary Ratings.

Reading Outside the Classroom I.
Reading a Medicine Label. (p374)
I. Read tips together.
II. Read label silently. Note the blue letters.
III. Do the "Mark it Up" section. Check it with your group.
IV. Correct.
V. Do quiz together in notebook.

RBC Quiz I: Product Information: Medicine Labels. (p374, 10p) For 1-5, write the answer. For #6 copy and finish the sentence starter. For #7, do the 4W's. One of them is given.
  1. The medicine is labeled for use in all these cases, except...  a) flu.  b) common cold  c) aches and pains  d) headache  e) It is labeled for all these.
  2. For up to how many days can this medicine be taken for a headache? 
  3. This is an OTC drug, as opposed to a prescription one. What does OTC mean? 
  4. This drug can be used to reduce swelling.  a) True  b) False
  5. Since this is an OTC drug, it can be considered not dangerous.  a) True  b) False
  6. (2) I think the most important part of the label is... because...
  7. (3) Who:      What: Can take this medicine.  Where:   When:          Why:

The Midwife's Apprentice.

What's a midwife?
What's an apprentice?
What was life like in 1300?
*What do you think the average life expectancy was back then?
*In those times, girls could be married off as young as..
*What percentage of children in those times died before the age of 5?
*At what age typically did children start working full time?

 MWA Aloud.

42M, 48W