Wednesday, 12/10/14
Guest Teacher Class Ratings: 1st - 10!  3rd - 8.5   5th - 8 (ooooh)   6th - 10!
New Groups.
Warm Up. Word. You will use words more than once. (12p)

  1. (2) "This pic represents the word _____ because..."
  2. (2) "This pic represents the word _____ because..."
  3. compliment : taunt :: MYOB : ______
  4. He didn't know how to do the job he was assigned, and he __________(ed) around for a few days before he asked for help.
  5. He was always very ___________ about doing his homework just right every time.
  6. The holiday season is a time for _____  and for quiet family gatherings. (2?)
  7. The man thought the girl on the bus was _______ for talking to herself.
  8. Since there was no specific topic, the discussion _________(ed) on for hours and never got anywhere.
  9. Sometimes the _____ of a cure lies in the mind of the person who believes it will work. 
  10. Please don't be late; leave yourself _______ time to get here before it starts. 

The Midwife's Apprentice
Do a 5W's for your assigned chapter 1-6. Like this:
Chapter 1 - The Dung Heap
Who:         What:         When:         Where:         Why:

MWA aloud.