Wednesday, 2/18/15
Correction for yesterday's pink sheet: Part B, #10 = COMPLEX (Thanks Zoey!)
Another correction for Test #16: #23 should be b) Fell asleep. I will fix it this week. (Thanks again Zoey!)

Warm Up, 2/18/15. (20)
  1. (7) Name the FANBOYS.
  2. (5) List five words that make a clause dependent so it can be connected.
    (Bonus: The FANBOYS and the five words you just listed are all examples of what part of speech?)

    S, CD, CX.
  3. "Now he cleans him up and makes him comfy."
  4. "Today flesh is all the same, and what you saw was red tones."
  5. "The hill was treacherously steep; he was impeded by the snow and his own lack of strength."
  6. "Finally, when the container was open, he extended his arm across the blood-soaked earth..."
  7. "It was terribly dangerous because some of the work crews were still about."
  8. As Jonas advances in his training, he becomes more dissatisfied with life in the Community.
  9. "It was effortless for Jonas, and even boring, though Asher enjoyed it."
  10. Jonas, the new Receiver-in Training, was frightened when he was selected.

Sentence Combining I. Let's write some SCC sentences.
Class Clown 
1a) Chuckie bounces wildly in his desk. 1b) He is the class clown. 1c) He clucks like a chicken.

2a) His fingers make sounds. 2b) The sounds are scratching. 2c) They claw the desktop. 2d) The desktop is battered.

3a) Then a voice freezes his behavior.  3b) The voice is stern.  3c) The behavior is disturbing.

4a) He spins around.  4b) He raises his eyebrows.  4c) He asks, "Who me?"

5a) His teacher appears unamused.  5b) His teacher is a woman.  5c) She is very quiet.  5d) She has karate experience.

6a) She advances down the aisle.  6b) Her advance is slow.  6c) Her advance is quiet.  6d) Her advance is dangerous.