Friday, 2/20/15 - Giver projects are due MONDAY!
Movie/Book blog post due by next Friday.

  1. How can you perform a subtraction from seven so that the result will be even, but without subtracting any odd numbers?
  2. What is so light that anyone on Earth can hold it, but so heavy that nobody can hold it longer than 20 minutes?
  3. At noon, you look at the old-school clock in your bedroom. The big hand is on the five and the little hand is in between the three and the four. What time is it?
  4. Where do you leave a "place" by closing the window?  (On a _____.)
  5. In a small town in the country, a male cow swallowed an explosive device. The town newspaper had a front page story about it.   Which one-word headline did they use?  * Shocking!  * How?  * Dangerous!  * Terrifying!  * Abominable!  * What?  * Horrible! 

New Book. Non-Fiction.
1939 - 1945?
What does the word anthropomorphic mean?

Maus by Art Spiegelman. Pulitzer Prize for Literature in 1992. It took him 13 years.

Maus Log: Sort of like KBAR Responding for in-class reading. 
5 minute write - 5 points each - Checked Friday w/KBAR.

"Maus Log I - 2/20/15" 
a) Read the first two pages:

b) Why do you think the drawings so simple and not more realistic? Why do you think he used cats and mice instead of people to tell the story?

What is your first impression of Vladek?

Aloud. Chapter One. Drama style with parts.

After-- Maus Log II, 2/2015.Response.

Map of Vladek's Travels.

Valentino, gefilte fish