Tuesday, 2/24/15
Warm Up. Word. Yes. Yes.

(**Lepidoptera = moths and butterflies. Moths like to live in places that are dark and not opened very often, like old closets and some people's wallets.)
1. "_______ because..."  2. "_______ because..." (Bonus: Use another word you have learned recently for +1.)  3. "_______ because..."
4. "_______ because..."  5. "_______ because..."  6. "_______ because..."  7. What is she accusing him of being? _______
8. The way they made decisions in the Community was very _____. (Not daunting.)
9. She has high ______(ations). She wants to rule the world.
10. huge : diminutive :: inspiring : ______
11. The root of this word means "life."

"The Busy P's!"
Prepositions! 6-10.
A. Read each of the sentences below. Underline the prepositional phrase and circle the preposition. There may be more than one in each sentence.
B. Draw an arrow from each prepositional phrase to the word it modifies.
  1. Rabbits live in burrows and under piles of brush, and they are cute.

  2. Hovercraft have been used for transportation in a number of places.

  3. Jim Gary is an artist who makes sculptures of dinosaurs from old car parts.

  4. No one except a fool would run across the highway in that traffic.

  5. That field of corn will be gone within a year unless we do something about it.