Tuesday, 1/20/15 - Welcome to the Second Semester
Reminder: 120 Seconds Begins Tomorrow!
Copy homework into assignment book:

"Reading in the Content Area: Science"

RCA Science Quiz.  Write the ANSWER.

  1. Taste buds are examples of receptors. a) True  b) False
  2. A neuron is a type of... 
  3. The nerves that connect the arms and legs with the spinal cord are part of the _______ nervous system.
  4. The science article on p363 compares the nervous system to a ______.
  5. Which of these is NOT something this lesson will teach?  a) What an impulse is.  b) The difference between the central and peripheral nervous systems.  c) How the brain works.  d) How neurons do their job.  e) All of these will be taught.
  6. This is a diagram of a neuron. Identify #1.  a) cytoplasm  b) dendrites  c) peripheral cells  d) receptors  e) NOTA
  7. When you remember what a verb is, you are using your peripheral nervous system.  a) True.  b) False.
  8. At the end of this lesson, there will be a lab.  a) True.  b) False.
  9. The "signal words" in an article like this will probably show parts or categories.  a) True  b) False

Start reading The Giver aloud.