K.B.A.R. is an acronym for Kick Back and Read. Every night. Well, at least Monday through Thursday. KBAR has several purposes; namely to get you in the habit of reading daily and to improve your reading.
Your first step is to get a book; one you like and will look forward to reading. If you get into a book and you donít like it, get a new one. Ask me for suggestions, ask your sister, ask your mom. Ask the librarian!
Your second step is to get a spiral notebook. This will be your KBAR notebook, and as you read Monday through Thursday for at least 25 minutes each day, you will use this notebook to respond to your reading.
These responses should be your thoughts, reactions, connections, and questions about what you are reading. The key here is to think about what you read; as long as you are thoughtful, you have much freedom in regard to how you respond.
Read the "55 Ways to Respond to a Book" handout for more ideas.
These notebooks will be used for all reading responses and classwork. This notebook should be a reflection of you as a reader and a thinker.

Your parents will also be periodically signing off on your KBAR reading in this notebook.
Here's the form for getting signatures.
It figures heavily in your grade:
approximately half.
Here is the KBAR FAQ


  • Can tell you've read
  • Specific/uses examples
  • Shows thinking
  • Little Summarization
  • Effort




(Unless otherwise asked to do so.)Instead:
· React. Why do you love/hate this book? Why should someone else read it? What would make it better? What would you have done in the same situations? 
· Question. What confuses you? Ask the author or main character 10 questions. 
· Evaluate. How does this book compare with other books youíve read? What is the authorís point? 
· Predict. What will happen next? What makes you think so? What "should" happen next? Write a new ending. 
· Quote or point out. Quote an interesting or important part of the book. Why is this important? Why is it cool? Whatís the point? 
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