Thursday, 10/9/14 - Checking Vocabulary Homework Part III.
Tomorrow's Test: spelling, vocabulary, Outsiders (ch5), Husker Du?

Warm Up. Write the answers in your notebook. In your notebook.  Do not peek at the sheet..
1-5: Write the correct pair in the correct order, correctly spelled.
6-10: Write the word.  11: Do what it says.
  1. who is : ___ :: who owns : ___ 
  2. nugget : ___ :: rank : ___
  3. belongs to them: ___ :: location: _____
  4. group : ___ :: center : _____
  5. it is : ___ :: it owns : ____
  6. The good experience _____(ed) some of our fears about the process.  a) disdain  b) engross  c) adversary  d) dispel  e) exhilarate
  7. She speaks French and German with equal ______.   a)  disdain  b) concoction  c) diminishing  d) engrossed  e) aplomb
  8. It was a(n) _____ roller coaster ride we exited with smiles on our faces.  a) grueling  b) exhilarating  c) engrossing  d) banishing  e) diminishing
  9. We sat there, _____ in his fascinating shipwreck tale.  a) banished   b) disdained  c) engrossed  d) aplombed  e) grueling
  10. Which word best captures the Soc's attitude toward the greasers?  a) grueling  b) engrossed  c) adversary  d) banish e) disdain
  11. (2) a) Find the fragment above and fix it. b) Find the run-on above and say how to fix it.
Finish Outsiders ch5 if not already there.

Magazines, Thursday, 10/9/14.
Part I. Prepping your documents.
  1. Use Chrome BETA!
  2. Go to
  3. Log in. Remember to add after your username. If any pop-ups pop up, uncheck any boxes.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Desktop. Tap CONTINUE TO...
  5. Tap CREATE, FOLDER. Name the folder Magazine Issue One.
  6. Open that folder and tap CREATE, DOCUMENT.
  7. You may have to tap DESKTOP, CONTINUE again.
  8. Rename the document: Article 1, Group ___, "Title." When your article is ready, you can change it to the real title.
  9. Be sure to type your title and your name into the document as well.
    We will be copying and pasting your article into a larger document and that info won't be there.
  10. Tap the Share button in the upper right. 
  11. Make sure the drop-down says "Can edit." Enter the members of your group (you might have to ask them their names) as well as "Mark Coward."
Part II. Brainstorming.
  1. Have one member of the group CREATE another DOCUMENT in the same folder.
  2. TITLE this one: "Ideas for Issue 1." Share with the members of the group and me.
  3. Brainstorm at least 2-3 ideas per member.
  4. When there are plenty of ideas, each member chooses one and retitles his/her article document with the topic idea.
  5. Begin writing, researching, etc.
  6. 600 word DIGITAL rough drafts are next Tuesday.

Meanwhile... Start brainstorming titles for our 'zines. Add your well thought out ideas to the side whiteboard.