Thursday, 10/16/14 - Checking/Collecting: Vocabulary III
Tomorrow's Test: Spelling, Roots, Vocabulary, Outsiders, (maybe a little) apostrophes, Husker Du?
Warm Up, 10/16/14. Copy 1-4 only. Use your sheet. (14p) You get ONE s.
  1. * "against say" = ___
  2. * "say thing collection" = ___
  3. * "above stand thing" = ___
  4. ** Third period tried to ______ Mr. Coward into postponing the assignment, but Denial is not just a river in Egypt.  (Bonus: What is this type of joke called?)
  5. ** (2) The class was ____ that someone would be silly enough to commit a ___ like that in front of Mr. Coward.
  6. ** I really like mystery novels because of all the adventure and _____.  
  7. ** After testing out several kinds of toilet paper, Mr. Sensitive found that one brand was ____(ly) better than the others for comfort.  (haha)
  8. ** (2) Another name for detention might be "______ behavior _____(ment)." (Bonus: What's this kind of expression called?)
  9. The _______ clothes are on the second floor.   a) children's  b) childrens  c) childrens'  d) childrens's
  10. _______ suggestion was a good one.  a) Carlos's  b) Carlos'  c) something else   (His name is Carlos, not Carlo.)
  11. The ______ costumes were hilarious.   a) lady's  b) ladies'  c) ladies's   d) ladies  (Several of each.)
  12. There were four ______ in the room.  a) Jake's  b) Jakes'  c) Jakes's  d) Jakes
Throw away (literally) the previous sheet.
{Allow time for chucking.}

New Sheet! New Assignment! New Due Date!