Wednesday, 10/22/14 - Checking vocabulary I and II.
Attention: Homework Update!
Preview: Lolly's!

Warm Up, 10/22/14. Copy 1-4 only. For the rest, write the answer.
* = spelling. ** = vocabulary.
  1. * high school : teacher :: university : ________
  2. * various : miscellaneous :: unhappy : _______
  3. * beginning : ending :: discretion : ________  {Discretion is the noun form of discreet.}
  4. * restricted : available :: unwanted : ______
  5. ** The "consequences" for misbehavior in schools in the old days were sometimes pretty ______. I remember getting hit by a ruler more than once.
  6. ** His brother's sudden disappearance caused great ____ in the family.
  7. ** After he forgot his wife's birthday, he had to _____ for several days before she forgave him.
  8. She is a member of the _______ softball team.  a) womans'  b) womens'  c) women's  d) womens's
  9. Five _______ parents will be guests of honor.  a) student's  b) students'  c) students's
  10. The part in The Outsiders where Pony gets jumped walking home from the movies would be part of the ___ of the story.
  11. "We were careful with our cigarettes--if that old church ever caught fire there'd be no stopping it."  a) foreshadowing  b) flashback  c) theme  d) irony  e) metaphor

The Outsiders...

Outsiders Cool Down, 10/22/14. (Chapter 7)
  1. "Greaser didn't have anything to do with it...It's the individual." (p115) Pony means...(Hint: He's talking about stereotypes.) a) most Socs wouldn't have gone in to save the kids. b) most greasers wouldn't have gone in to save the kids.  c) you can't tell everything about a person by the group he's a part of. d) among the greasers, only he and Johnny would have done something like that. e) All of the above.
  2. When does Pony finally realize Cherry was right when she said, "Things are rough all over"?