Friday, 9/8/17.
Prep Test Sheet for Test #3:
KBARR: ___/15
        Vocab:  ___/6  ___/10   Verbs: ___/7
Other Extra Credit:

The guest teacher will check your kbar chart and write in your notebook.
Be sure to record the number.

Mental Floss.
  1. In a certain city, 5% of all persons in town have unlisted phone numbers. If you select 100 names at random from the city’s phone directory, how many of the people selected will have unlisted phone numbers?
  2. How many animals of each species did Moses take aboard the ark with  him? (Note: It asks how many animals, not how many pairs.)
  3. Using the words DROVES and NEWS write seven words using each letter once.
  4. How many times can you subtract 6 from 36? (Alert: math.)
  5. If everybody in the world jumped off a cliff, would you? Why/not? No credit without correct reason!!)
  6. Which is smallest? nobis, nettikt, wrothag, useom, irgafef

Trade and Grade. Correct answers = +1. Ignore wrong or missing answers.

Test #3.

You know what to do when you are finished. 
Doodle Theme: Alien Invasion!

Here is this week's Trackword Grid.