Monday, 9/15/14 - Late Start Schedule.
Copy homework into planner.

"Academic Words Ia, 9/15/14." Copy the bold-faced parts. {  } = Do not copy.
You owe a sentence of your own tomorrow for each word you miss.
  1. {If you don't know the meaning of the word,} there are some ______(s) you can use {to try to figure it out.}  a) site  b) strategy  c) design  d) distinct e) proceed  f) potential
  2. {Especially with the drought we are having,} water is a precious natural ________.  a) achieve  b) acquire  c) resource  d) proceed  e) impact  f) strategy
  3. {The stress of} her job is having a negative _______ on her health.  a) consume  b) consequently  c) potential  d) impact  e) restrict   f) achieve
  4. He tried to _______ his behavior {by saying his boss told him to do it.}   a) affect  b) justify  c) distinct  d) potential e) design  f) consequently
  5. He always tried to _____ a good GPA, {because keeping good grades is easier than trying to get them back after they drop.} a) vary  b) proceed  c) consequently  d) affect  e) maintain  f) justify
  6. {After he had taken the first step,} he didn't quite know how to ____.  a) consume  b) acquire  c) obtain  d) proceed  e) restrict  f) perceive
Go over Test #3. Umm... Ouch!

Return Slangs. Messy Rooms due tomorrow! Demo a couple if time.