Tuesday, 9/16/14 - Period 3 Assembly Schedule for ASB Election Speeches.
Due Today: "Messy Room."  Due Tomorrow: Vocabulary
Double Feature! "Verb! and "Mr. Morton"
"Pre-Warm Up, 9/16/14."
(Copy and complete.) A verb is a word that...

Checking AW sentences (if required).
"Academic Words 1b, 9/16/14." Copy the bold-faced parts. { } = Do not copy.
Use your word list. You won't use any words you used yesterday.
  1. {After his heart attack,} his doctor told him to ___ the fat {and salt he ate, and to exercise more.} 
  2. They interviewed 20 ____ applicants. {Only 5 were chosen.} 
  3. {The twins may look alike, but} they have very ____ personalities.
  4. The sun ___(s) your skin {in many ways, most of them bad.} 
  5. {The actor worked for years} before he _____(ed) stardom. 
  6. {While he was in Australia for so many years,} he ___(ed) a bit of an accent {in his speech, and started saying g'day a lot.}  
  7. The small assignment had very little ______ {on his grade.} (Not impact.)

Let's talk about plot a little.