"…These were the Sioux"
Choose the correct word from the list on page 410.
Copy the short definition and use the word in a sentence of your own.

1. The king’s wicked cousin _____________ the king’s throne through underhanded tricks.
2. After a long time, the once scalding water in the bath was only __________.
3. The warrior chief looked very impressive and menacing in his battle __________.
4. The priest came to his deathbed to administer last ________.
5. The piece of candy was very __________ to the little girl, so she begged her dad to buy it.
6. The detective used talcum powder to make the __________ fingerprints visible.
7. The venerable old man was well-respected for his ____________ decisions.

Prereading Warm up:
A. How strict are your parents? What makes you say that?
[1(Not: Let you get away with everything)...3...5(average)...7...10 (Way!)]
B. Are your parents more/less strict than most of your friends parents?
C. How strict would you be if you were a parent? More or less than your parents? Why?
D. Do you think kids today are more or less respectful of parents/adults than previous generations? What makes you think so? Why might this be?
E. Do you think parents are more or less strict today than parents used to be? What makes you think so? Why might this be?

Answer the following questions using only the notes you took while reading.

1. What was the "first and greatest lesson" for the Sioux?
2. Give an example that illustrates the above principle.
3. How did the Sioux feel about (adults) punishing children?
4. What were the two purposes of providing a second mother and father? (To prevent _________ and __________.)
5. What did the adults do to prevent a toddler from touching the coals of the fire that might draw him toward it? Why?
6.  a) In a Sioux boy's early years, he learned most from...
     b) We might consider this unjust, but the way the Sioux saw it...
7. Name four skills that were very important to a Sioux boy.
8. The attitude of the Sioux might be summarized by:

9.  After his seventh birthday, the Sioux boy never again did what?
10.  Explain the puberty fasting that a Sioux boy goes through.
11.   A Sioux camp is always arranged in a ___________ because _____________.
12. What is a heyoka?

Vocabulary Practice

  1. Part of the fun of the Mardis Gras parade are the beads, costumes, and ________ worn by the paraders.
  2. Joey didn't know he could act until his drama teacher brought out his _____________ talent.
  3. On a timed test, you must make _____________ use of your time, or you won't finish.
  4. The Sioux followed certain customs to prevent the child from _________(ing) the  husband's proper place in the mother's affection.
  5. I ________(ed) when I heard the _______ details of latest murder.
  6. When an animal is injured badly enough, we sometimes have to resort to __________ to put the animal out of its misery.
  7. The display made the food look so _________ that I had to order some; I couldn't resist.
  8. The applause for the singer was a bit ________; the audience was not really that excited.
  9. Most religions have many and various _______(s) and ceremonies.
judicious, rite, wince, usurp, enticing, regalia, lurid, euthanasia, tepid, latent

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