"Don't tell us that the old lady screamed. Bring her on and let her scream."
                                    -Samuel Clemens
Intro: Define these words:
cool, pretty, fun, scary, weird, ugly
What does each of these things LOOK like?

These are actually opinions, NOT descriptions!
What's "cool" to you could be "gross" to me or your mom!
You need to show us what this looks, sounds, tastes, smells, feels like!


Practice: EXPAND! Show! Practice adding details...

     What does it look like? Sound? Feel like? Show don't tell!

   1.Some guys start fights and stuff.
   2.He got trash-canned.
   3.The quad was like a crowded zoo.
   4.The dog hates being chained.

"Messy Room" examples: metaphors/comparisons

"My Room is Such a Mess"