Practice for Academic Word List 2A.
  1. ESP stands for Extra Sensory __________.    a) procedure  b) principle  c) previously  d) perception  e) potential
  2. The coach thought the rookie was a __________ starter.    a) achieve  b) acquire  c) impact  d) resource  e) potential
  3. His expensive car was also expensive to ___________.     a) achieve  b) impact  c) maintain  d) consume  e) resource
  4. He didn't study, ____________ he failed.     a) consequently  b) previously  c) principally  d) distinctly  e) potentially
  5. The noun form of acquire is _________... a) acquiring  b) acquired  c) acquirement  d) acquisition  e) acquireness
  6. ...which means something you _______.  a) own  b) sell  c) get  d) destroy  e) eat
  7. I would recognize his _____________ voice anywhere.  a) potential  b) distictive  c) impact  d) restriction  e) procedure
  8. Try to _________ the structure of your sentences.  a) potential  b) strategy  c) impact  d) vary  e) proceed
  9. He didn't realize the great ________ of his small action.  a) consume  b) perception  c) perceive  d) vary  e) impact
  10. The Boy Scouts teach you to be ____________(ful). a) design  b) resource  c) restrict  d) principle  e) site
  11. The sun _________(s) your skin in many bad ways.    a) affect  b) effect  c) potential  d) restrict  e) resource
  12. The house was ________(ed) by fire before the firemen arrived.  a) obtain  b) vary  c) consume  d) perceive  e) design