Wednesday, 4/19/00

Go over Outline #3 (Key)

Works Cited+ Quiz(20p):
1) (4) Identify each of the parts of the "Works Cited" entry labeled below:

ASchefter, Jim. B"Air Traffic Training Gets Real."
CPopular Science july 1991: D72

2) (5) Find and fix the five mistakes in the above entry.
3) (2) What two pieces of information must you include in the Works Cited entry in order to use a web resource?
4) (2) Why are there two dates in an entry for a web resource?
5) If the web address for a site is very long, what does that probably mean about that site?
6) How should you write up a CD-ROM resource such as Encarta?
7) What piece of information should always be first in the WC entry (if you know it)? [Exception: Web sources.]
8) Why is it important to record the page numbers when you take notes?
9) When you find a source related to your topic, what is the first thing you should do?
10) If that source is a book, where should you start reading?
11) If you were trying to find out who is responsible for maintaining/sponsoring a web site, where might you look?
12) If you can't find that information, what should you do?
EC: What does URL stand for and what is it?