Friday, 1/24: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #19

Prep sheet for Test #19. KBARR and extra credit only.


Mental Floss.

  1. How can you perform a subtraction from seven so that the result will be even, but without subtracting any odd numbers?
  2. What is so light that anyone on Earth can hold it, but so heavy that nobody can hold it longer than about 20 minutes?
  3. At noon, you look at the old-school clock in your bedroom. The big hand is on the five and the little hand is in between the three and the four. What time is it?
  4. Two fathers and two sons own 21 horses between them. Explain how it is possible to evenly divide the herd among them. (NO, you don’t get to cut up any horses!)
  5. Where do you leave a “place” by closing the “window”?  (On a _____.)
  6. In a small town in the country, a male cow swallowed an explosive device. The town newspaper had a front page story about it.   Which one-word headline did they use?
    * Shocking!  * How?  * Dangerous!  * Terrifying!
    * Abominable!  * What?  * Horrible! 



Test #19!

Doodle Theme: Invent a new sport or game for PE!



Thursday, 1/23: AWR, Clauses, NEWSELA, Vladek

Tomorrow’s Test: AW Review, Clauses, The Holocaust, Vladek.

“AWR, 1/23.”  enhance, migration, conflicted, fundamental, attribute, despite, integrate, justify, valid, incentive

  1. (NOT!)
  2. The rising cost of electricity provides a strong/powerful _____ to conserve energy.
  3. The interviewer asked me what I consider to be my best _____. I told them it was my listening ability.
  4. The patient died during the night _____ our best efforts to save him.
  5. You can _____ the flavor of the dish by using fresh herbs.
  6. They have resisted efforts to _____women into the military.
  7. You must present _____ identification to pick up the tickets.

Correct Pink Sheet. The Clauses section of the test will look like the pink sheet and today’s exercise.

“Clauses, 1/23.”
ONE INDEPENDENT clause, write I.
ONE DEPENDENT clause (fragment), write D.
BOTH, write I + D or D + I

  1. Some banks encourage savings accounts for young llamas.
  2. After she watched the news the llama ate a cheese roll.

  3. If you leave money in an account at least six months.
  4. The llama passed the test even though he didn’t study.
  5. Since the llama’s voice was strong, she was the lead in the musical.
  6. The llama read a magazine about raising rabbits.
  7. Although he didn’t like it, the llama always did his homework.
  8. When the llama started college.

Finish NEWSELA Holocaust Article, Quiz, and Paragraph. If you are already finished, work on your 600 words. 10 minutes.


Maus Book II: “…And Here My Troubles Began.”

Wednesday, 1/22: AW’s Review, Clauses, NEWSELA, Vladek

Checking Pink Sheet p148.

“AW Review, 1/22.”  (7) enhance, migration, conflicted, fundamental, attribute, despite, integrate, justify, valid, incentive

  1. Ponyboy was _____ about being a greaser.
  2. It is difficult for former convicts to ______ back into society.
  3. Always _____ your KBARR predictions with reasons from the book.
  4. He ______(ed) his great success to listening to the advice of his seventh grade English teacher.
  5. My mom didn’t think my arguments for needing a new videogame were _____, so I was denied.
  6. (2) ______ brought about ______ changes in the population of the country.

Correct Pink Sheet!

“Clauses, 1/22.” (10) Write IND, DEP, or NOT for each boldfaced part of the sentence. For #7, underline your Independent Clause and CIRCLE your Dependent Clause.

  1. He failed the test after he ignored the llama’s warning.
  2. The llama is a quadruped with fins for swimming.
  3. Since the llama ate the hot dog, she got sick.
  4. Jack was much quicker than the llama was.
  5. Joe ate the hot dog even though the llama told him not to.
  6. Jill drove the car out to the llama’s house.
  7. (4) Write a sentence that consists of one independent clause and one dependent clause. The order does not matter. (Tip: Use a word like: although, when, if, or after.)


Vladek to the end of Book I.


NEWSELA: The Holocaust, Part II. Vladek is about to be sent to Auschwitz. The article explains what that meant for millions of people.


Tuesday, 1/21: S-CD-CX, 600 Words, Vladek

Welcome to the Second Semester!

Copy homework into planner.


  • Read the top of the pink sheet, p148.
  • With your group, answer questions 1-4.
  • Do the exercise on 148 tonight.

“Warm Up, 1/21.”(Collaborative.)

  1. (2) A clause is a group of words that contains a _____ and a _____.
  2. A(n) _____ clause can stand alone as a sentence.
  3. A(n) _____ clause cannot stand alone as a sentence.
  4. True/False   Dependent clauses usually begin with words like and, but, or.
  5. Bonus: When you use a dependent clause as a “sentence,” that mistake is called a ________ .


  • Tara ate a cheese roll after she watched The Simpsons with her family.
    (Independent clause. Could be a sentence on its own.
  • Tara ate a cheese roll after she watched The Simpsons.
    (Dependent clause. Cannot stand alone as a sentence.)
  • Tara ate a cheese roll after she watched The Simpsons with her family. (NOT A CLAUSE! No subject/verb!)

“Clauses, 1/21.”

  1. After I ate a doughnut, I felt rapturous.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  2. We climbed slowly up the very steep hilla) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  3. Jimmy ate a doughnut; he got sick.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  4. There are some things in life that we’ll never know a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  5. You must say, “Sir,” when you say, “Mr. Coward.” a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  6. I ate a second doughnut, and I still felt good.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  7. Maybe the mall where the store was charged a high rent.a) independent  b) dependent
  8. Joe ran to the store with his llamaa) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause
  9. When he started his company, he had nothing.  a) independent  b) dependent  c) not a clause


Checking 600 words. Valid dates: 1/14 – 1/21.

Word Count:
Total: 805

Make your chart somewhere in your folder with DATES and WORD COUNTS!

Credit Chart:
300 = 20/40
400 = 30/40
500 = 35/40
600 = 40/40
750 = 42/40
900 = 44/40
1000+ = 45/40

While you’re waiting for me, write (or don’t) on some of these topics:

  1. Reviews: best/worst burger, sandwich, cd, movie, book, class, teacher, commercials????
  2. Is there life on other planets? What makes you think so? What might it be like? Have “aliens” visited us?
  3. Explain how to tie your shoe, eat cereal, etc. Try to make it funny.
  4. What new inventions/ideas/etc. will appear during your lifetime? What things will be obsolete?
  5. Is there too much violence on TV? In the movies? What makes you think so? If so, what effects might that have on kids?
  6. For a good time you should…
  7. What are the essentials of life? (poem?)
  8. Top ten most boring things (with comments).  Top ten most interesting/exciting things (with comments).
  9. Invent a new kind of furniture. Show how would be used.
  10. What are the top ten scariest things? Why?
  11. “There ought to be a law…”




Thursday, 1/16: DWA II – Day II

Avant-garde posters unveiled for Tokyo Olympics

Link to all the Posters!

…and then… Four Day Weekend!

7th Grade Informative/Explanatory District Writing Assessment – Day 2

When you are finished, make sure you have TYPED your name at the top of the document, and then please SHARE your document with me. I will handle printing it!


  • Use the highlight feature to pick sections of the texts to use in your essay. Highlight them and type a note or two on how you might use it.
  • Be sure to say, “According to…” or “So-and-So says…” or “In the article…” EVERY TIME you use something from one of the articles.
  • You should use something from all three sources.
  • Use an example to start the essay, and then ANSWER THE QUESTION (“Technology has had several important effects on communication today. The above was just one example…”).
  • What do all three articles have in common? What are all three trying to say?

7th Grade Informative/Explanatory District Writing Assessment

 Technology is anything created for a specific purpose. A ruler, cell phone, lined paper, and a rocket ship are all technology. Basically, anything that helps make our lives easier is considered technology. In today’s world, technology is growing and changing rapidly to suit our needs. Specifically, it is helping how information is communicated like never before. As you read, think about the ways technology has impacted the way we communicate today.

 You are going to study three sources that talk about technology and communication:


As you study these sources, think about what they show you about technology and how it is used to communicate information.

 Finally, using these three sources, you will write an informative/explanatory essay explaining your thinking.

 For the essay, your focusing question is:

According to these sources, how has technology had an impact on communication?


Remember, a good informative essay:

  • Has a clear introduction
  • States a focus/thesis clearly, precisely, and thoughtfully
  • Uses specific cited evidence from the text(s) to support and develop the topic and explains that evidence
  • Concludes effectively
  • Uses precise language
  • Shows control over conventions


Your essay will be scored using the following criteria:

  • Purpose and Organization: Is the main idea clearly communicated? Is the essay clearly focused? How well did your ideas thoughtfully flow from beginning to end using effective transitions? How effective was your introduction and your conclusion?
  • Elaboration/Evidence: How well did you integrate relevant and specific information from the sources? How well did you elaborate your ideas? How well did you clearly state ideas using precise language that is appropriate for your audience and purpose?
  • Conventions: How well did you follow the rules of grammar usage, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling?