Friday, 4/24/15
Prep Sheet for Test 23.
Transitions: ____/10. I will fill this one in after I look at your homework.
Vocabulary Homework: ___/22   
Warm Ups:  ____/5  ____/14  ____/18  ____/14

Mental Floss.
  1. In what month do Americans eat the least amount of food?
  2. Wacky Wordy:   Cheddar >
  3. Which of these superheroes does not belong with the others. Why? (Not a trick.)
    Spider-Man, Hulk, Batman, Nightcrawler, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine
  4. It can roll up, it can roll down, it can roll all around, but when it rolls over, it just lays on the ground. What is it?
  5. Starting with an empty barrel, put in order. (Not a trick.)
    *2/3 full   *1/4 empty   *1/2 full   *3/4 empty
  6. Can you figure out these common, polite expressions?
  7. Fill in the blanks below with a word that means the same as the word on the left when read normally, and fits the definition on the right when read backwards.

Test 23.

Doodle Theme: Illustrate a vocabulary word. +2 automatically if it makes sense. More, if I like it.