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Copy homework into planner.
Go over Test #16. (SCC!)

Pink Sheet - p155
PART A: In each of these complex sentences, underline each independent clause once and each dependent clause twice.
1. Although the heat is on, it is still cold in here.
2. The trip takes an hour unless traffic is heavy.
3. When the music stops, change partners.
4. No one came when we called.
5. Horses can sleep while they stand.
6. When it gets dark, the light will go on automatically.
7. The bread is stale although we just bought it.
8. No one may enter after the concert has begun.
9. The cashier had trouble when the electricity went out.
10. After the games end, we'll go for something to eat.

PART B: Identify each sentence below with S for simple, CD for compound, or CX for complex.
1. One of the  sports that can be classified as extreme is free diving._____
2. Participants hold their breath and dive hundreds of feet straight down into the ocean._____
3. Deep below the ocean, water pressure squeezes the internal organs of divers, and darkness blinds them._____
4. The return to the surface can kill a diver if he or she comes up too fast.______
5. When the body doesn't have time to to adjust to changing pressure, internal gases expand too fast.______
6. The sudden expansion of gases causes explosions in the arterires.______
7. Still, the activity is popular with people who like dangerous challenges._______
8. The free diving federation refuses to recognize records in "no-limits" free diving because that method of diving is too dangerous._____
9. "Variable-weight and "constant-weight" free diving are approved methods._____
10. Scuba divers, who wear oxygen tanks, accompany free divers to help them if problems arise underwater.______

120 Seconds (in some periods... finally.)

Giver movie.
At the end you will write an essay using one of the following themes:
"Three Reasons Why The Giver Book/Movie is Better Than the Movie/Book."
"Despite the Changes, The Giver Movie Does a Good Job Respecting the Book."

Just like the previous essay, it will be rough draft in class and final draft on blog.
This time we're looking for 500+ words.