Monday, 3/23/15 - Late Start Schedule.
Welcome to the Fourth Quarter.

homework into assignment book.
Warm Up. Vocabulary Review I.
  1. Their relationship was rather _____, with lots of ups, downs, and in-betweens over the years. (list 2)
  2. It looks like the train wreck was the result of a(n) __________ engineer driving the train. (list 2)
  3. fear : pluck :: mourning : _____  (list 3)
  4. They say that remedy works, but nobody has tested its _______ in treating a cold. (list 3)
  5. The root of this word means "to feel." _______ (list 5)
  6. The coaches watched each potential player, looking for any natural __________(s) he might have.  (list 5)
  7. "Although able to ease a willing baby into the world, she had no idea how to encourage a ______ one."  (list 4)

Parts of Speech Review Guide. Collaborative.
This will be your cheat sheet for the week. BE SURE TO CORRECT ANY ERRORS!

Go over Test #20 if time.