Research Paper
I. Topic Stuff
1. Explain what you already know or think you know about this topic.
2. Explain why you’re interested in researching this topic. (Why you care.)
3. Explain what you want to find out. Ask at least five (5) in-depth questions (not yes/no type). (Fifteen to twenty questions would be better.) You'll need these for your outline.
*4. Pick one question to be your "controlling question." This will be the "point" of your research. This will become your thesis.
Examples: 5. List several possible sources of information besides the internet.

No: skateboarding, surfing, particular cars or planes, snowboarding, mass murderers, bios of living sports stars or celebrities, rock stars, animals just because they're cute, mafia, video games, Disney or Disneyland...

II. Outlining III. Note Taking Evaluating Sources
Introduction and Conclusion
In-Text Citation
Works Cited Examples (.rtf document)
Works Cited Quiz

The Research Paper Requirements

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