Friday, 4/18: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #29

Prep sheet for Test #29. Reload the test; there are a lot of changes!
Gramma: ___/12  ___/10  ___/10     Tom Sawyer: ___/5  ___/10    TSSQ:___/15
Vocab h/w: ___/20    Vocab Practice: ___/12   ___/11
Other Extra Credit: Periods 5 and 6 get +3 for vocab relay, Periods 1 and 2 get +1.

Mental Floss.

  1. What sort of story begins with a limb and ends with a finish?
  2. Two men got lost while exploring in the desert. Each man had a compass. One headed due East, and the other headed due West. Two hours later, they met. How?
  3. Fill in the blanks with four words, such that the first and the fourth are the same, while the second and the third are homonyms.  A prison guard ______ ______, and a jeweler ______ ______.  (A jeweler also fixes and sells clocks and watches and reading glasses and stuff like that.)
  4. There was a road around a circular lake. A man and his brother each started in the same place and drove around the lake at exactly the same speed, but in opposite directions. The first brother went clockwise around the lake at 40 mph, and the trip took him an hour and 20 minutes. The second brother went counterclockwise around the lake–also at exactly 40 mph–but his trip only took him 80 minutes. Each traveled exactly the same distance: 53.33 miles. How is that possible?
  5. A man asks his two sons to do a chore. When they finish, he gives them twenty five cents to split.  What time is it?  (haha)
  6. Tom Sawyer Anagrams:
    a) Tall Pun Yo   b) Hamsters Cool (Technically a title, not a name.) c) Put Off Term


Test #29. Doodle Theme: The House of the Future!

ALERT: #20 has no answer, so CHOOSE A

Wednesday, 4/17: Gramma, Vocab + Relay, TS (duh)

Tomorrow’s Test (Wha’? Already?!): Gramma (see Monday’s practice), Vocab, (duh), Tom Sawyer.

“Gramma, 4/17.” (12p.) Copy and label.  noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, interjection, conjunction

He was a very scary bear, and we beat a hasty retreat from his lair.

“Vocabulary, 4/17.” (12p)
swagger, sullen, inundate, indifferent, spiteful, repentant, becoming (adj), vivacious, incantation, vanquish


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. After he realized how much he hurt Aunt Polly, Tom was genuinely _____ for once.
  6. After he was arrested for fighting, the soldier was reprimanded for “conduct (un)_____ an officer.”
  7. The students liked the teacher because she was ______, exciting, and rarely boring.
  8. His e-mail account was ______(ed) by so much spam, that it crashed the server.
  9. (3) When Tom’s “army” _____(ed) Joe’s,  he walked with a cocky ________, which he thought was very ______ for a “general” like himself.
  10. *After 25 years, the brothers finally ____(ed) their conflict and made up.

Vocab Relay 2.0! True or False? Each mistake = +2 seconds.

  1. Indifferent means uninterested.
  2. A pirate might walk with a swagger.
  3. When you are sullen, you are happy.
  4. Spiteful and indifferent are similar in meaning.
  5. The root of the word vivacious means life.
  6. If you are repentant, you are proud of yourself.
  7. If somebody tells you that your outfit is becoming, it’s a compliment.
  8. Inundation only happens with water.
  9. A motto and an incantation are similar.
  10. Vanquish is a verb.
  11. Giving a thumbs down means you are indifferent.
  12. Being called vivacious would usually be a compliment.
  13. If you were repentant, you would swagger.
  14. If you vanquished someone, you might swagger.
  15. Noah needed an ark because of an inundation.
  16. A magician might use an incantation.

Tom Sawyer Quiz, 4/17.” (10p)

  1. (3) 
    Explain what’s happening here. Who are the two men who aren’t dead? Why does one appear to be begging or praying?

(7) Label a-g with the appropriate names from p66-67.


Chapter 10: “The Dire Prophecy of the Howling Dog!”

Time? Movie.


Tuesday, 4/16: Gramma, Vocab, Tom Sawyer


“Gramma, 4/16.”
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, interjection, conjunction

  1. In the sentence, He ran yesterday the word yesterday is a(n) ______.
  2. The words am, is, are, was, were are all _____(s).
  3. In many languages other than English, this comes AFTER the noun instead of before, as in English
  4. Answers the questions how, where, or when.
  5. Answers the questions which one, what kind, how many.
  6. Separated from the rest of the sentence by punctuation.
  7. Shows, action, being, or state of being.
  8. He kept a running total of his grade.
  9. I like running the mile.
  10. We are running in PE tomorrow.


“Vocab, 4/16.” Each used once. * = CAW.

  1. *(in)_____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. _____
  5. _____
  6. When he thought Becky was sick, Tom was so depressed he was ___ to all of Aunt Polly’s treatments.
  7. He was very cocky, and walked with a _____ that showed it.
  8. The miscreant was (un)_______ after he was caught, saying he would do it again if he had the chance.
  9. It is part of a cheerleader’s job to be enthusiastic and _____.
  10. She had her hair cut in a _______ new style that everyone liked.
  11. “Every pore inside the boys cheeks became a spouting fountain; they could scarcely bail out the cellars under their tongues fast enough to prevent a(n) _____(ion).”


Tom Sawyer Quiz. NOT COLLABORATIVE! (5)
Explain the following quote:

“He had contemplated a good part of the performance before he contributed his bit of variety to it.” (p52/p49-50)

Things to include in your explanation:

  • Who “He” is.
  • What the “performance” is, and who is involved.
  • What “contributed his bit of variety” means.


Chapter 8: A Pirate bold to be!

Monday, 4/15: Homework, SAWs, Gramma, TS

Short Week! No school Friday! That means vocab extra credit and test on THURSDAY!

Copy homework into planner. Note the change in the nightly reading!

“SAWs, 4/15.”
amend (verb) to change; to add to
equity (noun) equality; equal status
constitute (verb) to form; to create
resolve (verb) to solve a problem
legislate (verb) to create or control by making laws or rules

Three used twice.



“Gramma, 4/15.” (10)
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, interjection, conjunction

  1. The only kind of word that takes an article in front of it.
  2. Can be turned into an adverb by adding -ly.
  3. The possessive kind don’t need apostrophes.
  4. In the sentence, He ran there, the word there is a(n) ______.
  5. The main one in a sentence is also known as the predicate.
  6. The words am, is, are, was, were are all _____(s).
  7. In most languages other than English, this comes AFTER the noun instead of before, as in English
  8. (3) Use the word running in three different sentences: a) as a verb, b) as an adjective, and c) as a noun.


Debrief Test #28… You need to visit your gramma more often!

Tom Sawyer. Let’s see what happens to that tick! (Chapter 7.)

Friday, 4/12: Paperwork, Mental Floss, Test #28

Prep Sheet for Test #28. Reload the test to get the latest version.
Interview: ___/100   TS KBARR: ___/20     TS Quizzes: ___/7 ___/5  ___/2
Vocab h/w: ___/20   Vocab Practice: ___/12  ___/12 ___/10
Other Extra Credit: Gramma: +___ Period 1 gets +3 for Gramma Relay (add to your Gramma EC), Periods 2 and 5 get +1 for Gramma Relay. +2 or +1 for 10/10 or 8,9/10 on SAWs.


Mental Floss.

  1. What is the next thing in this sequence. 1, 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, ____. Fill in the blank correctly.
  2. What North American state is round on both sides and high in the middle? (haha)
  3. Following are groups of three words. Can you figure out the common link within each group? Example: hurricane, potato, needle. (Answer: eyes)
    a) computer, onion dip, poker game
    b) bowling alley, dress-maker, wrestling match
    c) dentist, oil field, basketball practice
    d) April, locker room, brides-to-be
    e) pelican, legislature, person in debt
  4. Make the matchstick dawg face the other way by moving only 2 matchesHis tail must still point up!





Test #28. Doodle Theme: Dog Party.

Thursday, 4/11: Gramma + Relay(!?), Vocab, TS (1934), Huck!

Wow! Awww.

Tomorrow’s Test: Vocab + SAWs, Gramma, TS.
Here’s a tip: Tonight, click the test link, open your Tom Sawyer book, and LOOK UP THE ANSWERS!
Here’s another tip: You can have Tom Sawyer read to you while you follow along here:


“Vocabulary, 4/11.”  Once each.

  1. Let’s hope that tomorrow’s test scores aren’t ______(ly) low.
  2. You don’t have to be ______ to already know what’s going to be on tomorrow’s test.
  3. You don’t have to _____ it to have a copy of tomorrow’s test in advance.
  4. The sheriff came through, _____(ly) leading the suspected killer by the arm.
  5. Please do not be a _____ and cheat on tomorrow’s test.
  6. When we go over vocab, I am not just _____(ing), I am trying to help you get it right on the test.
  7. Huck thought Tom was a(n) ______ writer after he heard the oath Tom wrote.
  8. The movie star was at the _____ of her popularity when she died suddenly.
  9. Among the mothers of St. Petersburg, Huck Finn is a _____.
  10. The villagers thought the killer was being _____ for returning to the scene of the crime.


Gramma Relay! The class with the fastest time and fewest mistakes wins!
Stand up, line up, and count off 1-10.
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, interjection, conjunction

  1. The “Mr. Morton” of the sentence.
  2. Answers the questions when, where, or how.
  3. Answers the questions which one, what kind, how many.
  4. A connecting word that joins words, phrases, or clauses.
  5. An example is the word yours.
  6. Always separated from the rest of the sentence by punctuation.
  7. Can usually be turned into an adverb by adding -ly.
  8. Has a past, present, and future.
  9. Describes adjectives and adverbs.
  10. What Mr. Morton does.


Tom Sawyer.

  1. What does Tom fantasize about twice in Chapter 3?
  2. How does Tom get revenge for the maid dumping water on him?

“The window went up, a maid–servant’s discordant voice profaned the holy calm, and a deluge of water drenched the prone martyr’s remains!

The strangling hero sprang up with a relieving snort. There was a whiz as of a missile in the air, mingled with the murmur of a curse, a sound as of shivering glass followed, and a small, vague form went over the fence and shot away in the gloom.”

Chapter 4: Movie excerpt from 1938. (14:05-18ish)

Chapter 5: Tom is bored in church.

Chapter 6: Let’s meet Huck Finn and Becky Thatcher (“The Adored Unknown”).

Wednesday, 4/10: Gramma, Vocab, TS


“Gramma, 4/10.” noun, verb, pronoun, adjective, adverb, conjunction, interjection

  1. The main one in a sentence is also known as the predicate.
  2. Answers the questions how, where, or when.
  3. Answers the questions which one, what kind, how many.
  4. A connecting word that joins words, phrases, or clauses.
  5. A substitute for a noun.
  6. A word of surprise or strong emotion.
  7. Often ends in -ly.
  8. Has a past, present, and future.
  9. Intensifies adjectives and adverbs.
  10. Only described by adjectives.

“Vocab, 4/10.”


  1. _____
  2. _____
  3. _____
  4. obvious : hidden :: idol : _____
  5. Third period’s ______ behavior for the sub earned them a rating of 3. (not miscreant)
  6. The prefix of this word means all or everything. _____
  7. Rome was at the _____ of its power around 235 AD. It was all downhill from there.
  8. In Tom Sawyer, Mark Twain is a 3rd person, ______ narrator.
  9. Sometimes you don’t have to speak to be _____; even a look can say a lot.
  10. After his victory, he paraded around _____(ly) wearing his gold medal.
  11. (2) Depending on whom you talked to, the speech was either _____ or sounded like _____.

Tom Sawyer.

Tom Sawyer Quiz, 4/10.” Write the answer. NOT collaborative.

  1. (left) What is wrong with this illustration from the original edition?
  2. (right) Which scene does the right hand pic show? (That’s Jim with the bucket.)
  3. According to the author, what is the difference between work and play?
  4. Who is the “great and wise philosopher” mentioned on p15? (I need a NAME.)
  5. “bully” = “gay”  a) True  b) False

(Bonus) Which character in The Outsiders would agree with the philosophy of “spare the rod, spoil the child”?


Tom Sawyer: Busy at Love and War.